we dont talk anymore..

14 Sep




Right for the last while and i think i said the same thing a few blogs back on how friends that we use to know now have either drifted apart and dont really speak to us anymore. Now i think i may have the answer to why people drift apart for and here is it. People who say that they are your friends dont feel the need or even take into account your feelings anymore. I mean i have even experienced it there the other day. I met a friend of mine is passing i said hi how are you doing and whats happening. It was sadly like talking to a stranger even sare i say it talking to a blank wall. She just kept saying im slighty hung over and well i have to go to work today. So in  a way when i was speaking to her i had this vision in my head of trying to open a really tight jar of pickles i would twist them i would even bang them on the table but still no joy in opening up.

But i dont think it would be fair to place all the blame on my friend no i have been known to be quite around people and can even make things akward by not speaking at all in big crowds. But i have my own excuse of not talking to people. I have heard it all before the stories and and i could say well you did tell me this story at that time but that would be rude and offensive. No i would be more like ok im walking away from this. In doing this im taking myself away from all the bs and crap and also sparing peoples feelings.  But now that i think about it when im writing this piece i just think mainly people sadly dont put in the effort anymore to anything really.

Sadly a majority of friendships die a lot of people sadly dont talk because they are more about themselves and whats going on with their own life and sadly well dare i say it dont give a fuck about you in a way. Now i think from my own experience if i dont want to talk to any1 i just well get rid of their number and delete their details and than more on. If i do happen to meet them there should not be any akwardness between us its just sadly the way life is in a way.  I think i know why certain people fall out and not speak to each other anymore. Its mainly because friendships sadly take effort and certain people would go ahead and say hmm ok well i could put in the effort elsewhere you know. I dont think anything really on this subject matter accept hmm ok than maybe i wasnt your time or effort anymore now.

But like me if you do find yourself in this space in where people are just plainly avoiding you point blank just do what i do. Ignore them and pay no attention to them. But its in cases like this you would hear the phone agoing or even messages being sent to you that may go along the lines of ohh you dont talk to me anymore why? Well here is the reason why i dont talk to you anymore you dont put in the effort with me anymore so go fuck yourself.

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