dont enjoy the silence

30 Jul

Right its been way to quite here of late and again apologies are due and i have a good reason to why i have been quite. Well here is one which is not a good excuse but here it goes in anywhere i have just have had nothing to say really. I mean i have had a few topics in my head on what to write about but again me being me i need sumthing to get me started.

Now in the last while life has been good have to say that i am looking forward to a certain zombie walk event that is next saturday in town and i have got all my make up and outfit ready to go. I am also looking forward to well going around town scaring the hell out of others and hanging out with rather good other zombies and having a good time as well. I think i am in need of a good time in hanging out with zombies and just generally having a laugh.

My look for zombie day



But while having this time away from my writing i can be well around certain people be very quite and its well kind of sumwhat distracting and at times scarying others silly. When i say that im quite it means i tend to blank out and go off in my own little world and think of other things and its something that im really not liking of late its becoming annoying and well at time its making frustrating times for both me and the people i like to hang out with. I think if im being honest i would need to stop this and soon.

But when i am in my quite times i am thinking of certain things and at times of my thinking i can make good decisons but sumtimes they can be bad. But i just hope for myself that i can snap put of this and soon. I for one hate thinking and really need to switch off and soon if i need to do this it would be for my own sanity and more.

But while im being quite and what not i cant help but people who are loud and at times hyper and annoying as anything. I do enjoy times of my own hyperness and can be the life and soul of the party but why do the hyper and loud people feel the need to well say what they need to say. Like sumtimes we need quite times sumtimes we need hyper times but again it has to be in little doses you know and its really best on how we handle them all and more. i mean dont get me wrong i do have my own moments of hyperness but sumtimes when you meet sum1 who is hyper as you can but sumtimes cut you down with a little snipey comment or evern undermine you completey which sucks a lot.

What im really trying to say is in this piece is seriously im going to work on the silent part and start unleasing the fun part and start enjoying myself more so with those who can only handle me nothing more nothing less.

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