hmm 50 shades of what exactly?

09 Jul

This could be good for all the right reasons but again could be bad for all thw wrong reasons.


So in the new few days that’s in it i have decided to start on a new book series.  Now as you may or may not know i have always happily read enjoyed and at times dreamed about the following books which include and in no particular order. The vampire diaries twilight how of midnight serious and vampire academy and also lets not forget the true blood book series and sookie stackhouse book series as well.  Yes i will be the first to admit that i do have an addiction to vampires werewolves and i always like to embrace the dark side.

Now over the last while you may or may not have heard of this book series called 50 shades of grey by E.L James and its based on the fictional character christian grey who is a billionaire who has a kinky side that loves BDSM sex and well meets this young young lady called  Anastasia Steele and they decide to partake in all thsse dirty deeds in his red room of pain. I also think they partake in a relationship of BDSM as well and also love to oush the bounderies as well. Now from what i have read on this book and from what my friends has told me both online and also with meeting them for coffee it sounds like a book that has got sum mixed reviews and also i think does not deserve its bad hardship and press that it has been getting over the last while.

Now i will be the first to admit that i have even slagged off this book rotten on my own social networking page but i think i am prepared to well get a copy and see what all the hype is about. I know that  50 shades of grey is a 3 book series that has 50 shades of grey 50 shades darker and 50 shades freed. So it looks like i may or may not be busy over the next while with this book.

But in my defense why has this book gotten back rep in both the press and on line i think i may or may not have the answers here but from what i see some people dont like the sex content some people find the whole BDSM side of things a bit weird and even some people have called this book mommy porn. So being a writer myself i will be only to happy to grab a copy of this book check it out and see what all the huffle and buffle is about. I think though i will say hand on heart i may like this book again i may even hate this book and call it a lot of tripe but either way im happy to buy a copy and well see how i get along with it.

Now granted it be it may it will take me a few days to read it so im going to avoid writing for the next few days and well when im done with the first book or even let alone the first chapter i will be back here to let you know how i get on with it so. Now all i need now is to pour myself into a corset and get out my blindfold whips and a willing victim to partake in my own little games hee hee hee laughs evily.



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