whats best for me might not be best for you?

08 Jul



So again i will keep this subject matter short and sweet as i feel as though that i have exhausted this wee little number out. But here is the deal why do certain people always feel the need to give advice to or on me when it comes to certain subject matters, Now the hot topic of conversation of late with certain friends of mine has sadly been about yours truely aka me. Now im not being rude in the slighest when i say this but seriously people when it comes to giving out advice please take a step back and a deep breath and think about what your saying before you say anything about me.

I mean ok its been 7 months since my mum died and i still get that akward head tilting moment of like are you ok. Well if anything and im being brutely honest here im fine time and again im fine but what is wearing me down is when certain people give the golden nugget and piece of advice that is i only want to see you happy. I think the last time i heard that was well before my mum died. We had a bit of a snippy row and again she was questioning my motives and well where are you going now and what are you doing with your life. I always said to mum look i have a few things on and well im happy and that should be really the main thing my happiness should be all that matters ok. Mum would always say yeah ok and well once your happy that all that matters.

But here is my own question why do people always need to ask that question to others like are you happy? well personally myself i like to thinkt hat i am happy. I have a few things going on in my life and well im living my life the best way i can and more. But why is that certain people have such unrealistic expections in their lives and well why do they do it for. I think if im being honest here im happy for the first time in a really long time. No i dont need to reasons to why i am happy but seriously though if certain people need to keep asking that question that maybe they shold be asking that question themselves are they happy in their own lives. For the people that always need to ask that question and talk other certain subjects to the death than this question is for you are you happy or are you just faking your way into happiness and into pleasing others.

who knows hey as a wise man once said to me who know what the future holds or what it hides..



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