if in doubt f**k it out…

02 Jul

keep life simple keep it drama free



hmm so it turns out that over the last while i havent been sleeping much but have to admit i did sleep rather pleasantly for the first time in a long time there at the weekend. But with my recent sleep issues and do to having lack of it i was beginning to think or rather unnescery worry about stupid things that have been on my mind.

Now over the last while my life hasn’t been made up of a sea made of calm waters for a calm day of sailing but i have manage to get thru and around things that other people would have well certain difficulties getting around. But when i do have to deal with things head on i just deal with them in a calm way and try and not kill hurt  insult hit bite punch any1 who gets in my way. I was kidding about that last part or am i not? No i think now since well mums passing i have had to well grow up and make a lot of decisions for my own life and own future and where i am going how im going to handle things and so on and so forth.

But what puzzles me is certain people who cant make up their mind when it comes to certain things in their life. I know that my friend ages back who recently got out of a long boring shite relationship well has been thinking about what to do with her own life and has also been asking the exact same question of what the f**k am i doing here and secondly why am i putting up with certain peoples BS crap dramas and constant lies and attention seeking.

Now please take into mind im not picking on any1 when i write this piece but i have always been direct and well has always spoke my mind. But why is it when your happy certain people have to feel the reason to rain and bitch and moan on your parade why do they feel the need to do that. I asked a really good friend of mine this exact same question last week when he decided to go for a beer and his exact answer was this i tell you why they need to do this. they are bloody begrudgers who cant see past their own misery and also well as they say misery loves company. So when he told me this i decided to change things around and with changing things around i do hope that fortune good fortune of course comes along my way.

So in the last few hours i have got rid of old clothes have also got rid of a lot of people from my old telephone book have culled massive numbers in my social networking site and well have even just plain avoided picking up my phone and answering any calls. Do i feel guilty for it i can say with a smile on my face nope and this is why. When the mood partakes me in listening to people its the constanting ragging and constant every day bs talk that i hear every day. It does at times grinds me down and than makes me think hmm i really dont need to listen to your lastest dramas you know. So im not going to apologise if i decide to not answer your calls or even write back on your messages and here is the reason why. Im bored im tired and well also im happy now for the first time in ages so why do i need to listen to you go on non stop.

i also may think about why certain people are not happy and here is the reason why they think that life owes them something well for whoever told you that life owes you sumthing well it doesnt ok so you can either grow the f**k up and deal with things or run away and hide either way stop being such a whiny little f**ker grow up and deal with things.

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