bloody annoyed and than sum

28 Jun

ohh my god stop annoying me



So this piece is an entire mash up of a few thoughts that have been running in my head of late and also with the late nights i have been putting in of late you know i think sum thoughts can come of use to me for when it comes to writing a piece you know.

So of late as you may or may not know i have been getting a lot of shite on my social networking page for my ara & vegan views. So at what i thought of at the time was funny and humourous insults that would appear on my page have now left me thinking and also questioning certain things about my life and who i am and what i am doing in my life.

I mean when a row does break out on my page when it comes to animal rights issues it can turn nasty and litterly flip side it on its head. But time again i always dust myself down stand up again and move on. But my question is this why do people need to get involved in my social networking page and start unbelievable and stupid rows on my page. Ok fair enough i dont eat meat nor do i drink milk or consume or wear animal products but seriously why do you get so bend of shape when i bring up these matters. I mean its not like its offending that i need to buy products are cruelty free and animal free as well.

But what has really got on my wick of late is the whole thing of social networking sites is the whole thing of people sticking their nose into my business. I think when it comes to certain things that i do here is my own business and why again do people feel the need to stick their nose in and continue to stir the shite you know is beyond me. Now here would be a classical example of classic shit stirring. me hey there to my mate are you doing anything for the weekend. Mate not to sure yet wanna pop out here and have a few scoops. Me yeah of course i would love that. Mate sure i will even bring the cards and we can play poker. So you can get this texting and networking back and forth on your page which i love and simply live for but what annoys me is when sum1 else decides to jump on and talk to ya. I do experience this on a few days basis and needless to say it drives me f**king nuts its like why are you jumping into the conversation when it does not include you. I mean when i do talk to people on my social networking account we have a laugh and joke and even swap links ideas and even number sumtimes.

But here is the deal why is that conversation hijackers always feel the need to this why like why would you step in and ruin an awesome conversation that im having with my friend like seriously fuck off and stop annoying me. What gets me is that when people do this they think its funny when its not. I think if anything im glad for the pm app that sum social networks have.

But what gets me even more frustrated is when complete strangers like and comment on photos that you may have posted from yolks back. In a way i dont mind if people like my stuff but it gets personal when you try and hijack the comment thread on my accounts. Its like ohh ok im only noticing in how cute sexy gorgeous and wonderful you are now that sum1 else is on the scene. I have a message to these people fuck off and stop liking my stuff that i put up ages back. One more thing dont be taking credit for something that i have may introduce ya to. in a way social networking does create a form of stealing your art your work or even bands singers artists and films you may have discovered well long before you idiots did.

Also i dont mean to appear or sounds pissed off in this piece for today but its sumthing that has to be said you know and just so you know for the gobshite who keeps puting up no fighting on their social networking site seriously your just asking for a fight when you put that up.

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