lust in translation

20 Jun




So hi there i really have to confess something here in this piece and i do hope that you can either laugh along with this poke fun at me relentlessly or even say childish rhymes i dont care. So here is my confession i am somewhat very addicted to a very hot very cute certain half irish half german actor that is the truly gorgeous michael fassbender. Yes i go weak at the knees just thinking about him and yes i have even seen all this films and have even without shame dreamt about well doing certain things to him. Now in my little crush scenario here im realist and know that i wont ever meet him i know that hes probably attached to some one else and maybe even our paths would never cross ever well not in this life time they wont. But you know why i know all this and am writing this piece tonight is because with my own addiction i can handle it with great ease and well indulge myself in every way that i can. But tonight’s piece is about certain people that i know and seeing how they behaviour goes into over board for when it comes to the attractions of the opposite of sex.

Now without naming certain people i have through out the years of working in the different areas of the bar and restaurant trade you get to see how lust and all human interactions happen in every day life. I have seen people getting together i even even seen the first dates the whole nervous aspects of new couples getting together and also seeing how the romance progresses with the gentlest of eases and how people do the whole mating dating dance and than getting it together. I have to say those were the good days i would even happily throw freebies to young and blossoming couples and even at times push them together well certain things need to get a gentle push along the way.

Now sadly with the current climate going on you dont really see much romance happening now. Well i dont seem to see any from my own point of view and also with my job as a blogger and with going to gigs you dont see the human behaviour that comes with dating new people.  All that blossoming fun and energy is now played out on social networking sites. Now of late I know some friends of mine have got together and you can see it unfolding via on the online world. It starts off with cheeky comments here a few pokes there and the posting of pics as well. Now i do have to say i have indulge my own needs via this way but when i do decide to get my guy things will not be broadcasted as much. As i do respect my own privacy and sanity and well certain things dont need to be advertised at all.

I know a few friends of mine have met their partners through social net working sites and it has worked out ok for them. But what worry me is this when you do decide to go official and make it public can you really trust yourself and your partners needs to constantly update everything that might be happening in your lives. I mean i have always kept my posts bright and breezy and light hearted at times and yes im also guilty of putting my ex bfs pics up but when we did split up i took them down.

Now i have a few friends who have decided to go back on the dating scene and well have decided to play it out on social networking sites and well dating in real life and social networking sites dont go together. I know with certain friends of mine you would see the dramas unfolding from the very moment that make it public. People would happily and cheeky leave comments up about what the couple would get up to and even give their input into everything and more. In recent times certain friends i know well lets say friends of friends have put up compromising status about well if they had a row with the partner and or what they may have done the night before last.

Which really begs the question should your own personal life spill onto your online life. I think i have been a victim in the past with over sharing certain information have i learned my lesson yes i have and this is the main reason in why i dont put certain stuff up.  I know that with certain sites its sometimes best not to advertise people’s problems and to also say ohh i have such a problem with such a person. I think of anything you had to take notice of all the drama and BS that happen here you would probably end up flat lining and worse case scenario be head first into your bottle of wine.

I think though if anything i have always been a realist and have always lived for the moment and have even also said look what ever happens happen and again no pressure on either parties side. But what i do dislike immensily though is the whole drama that comes with dating the whole nerves and the whole does he like does he not like me when will he call and so on and so forth i have always entered everything in every aspect of my life with a realist point of view and have always learned to adjust to other peoples needs and more. But i will be damned if im going to throw a fit and start shouting and screaming in order to get things going my way i have a little thing called dignity and pride and i intend to keep it all in tact hee hee.



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