Jealous little B’s

16 Jun


So of late I have seen this ugly horrible emotion that pops its head around the door like an unwelcome visitor its typical behaviour can leave the person envious and well can litterly mess up with your mind and well make you do something things this little emotion is called jealously.

Now as humans we do suffer from jealously from time to time. I even myself suffer from slight tiny bits of jealously whether it be over a new hand bag or if a friend got a job promotion or even getting jealous over a friend and their new relationship jealously is there in every day life and sadly it wont go away. I mean i have seen the whole jealously thing on social networking sites of late and well its kind of sickening and at times quite silly to sho off in public. I know that jealously can start off very little just like any habit and that it grows and manifests out of control you know. I have even seen friends being the victim of their own little bits of jealously and at times i have had to clean up the carnage and mess of things. But i think what makes jealously worse at times in when you give into it and become a slave to it.

I know from some great examples of late as in books and films and even real life. Jealously is often spurred on by such insecure people who dont really have nothing better to do with their lives but cause trouble. I thin a prime example of jealously getting out of control in shown in mean girls. Yes i know bad example that not so good film with a certain crack whore of an actress in it. But you can see in how the story unfolds. The main character is real i suppose pretty and lives in her own bubble and has friends who are good to her. But as soon as she gets a sniff of male attention it than shows you in how she acts. She gets nice clothes does herself and well does things that are not like her at all. All the while knifing the back off her so called friends and being so incredibly image aware as well.  Now sadly in the film they have a thing call a burn book in where they say things about other people in order to make them feel good about themselves and well you know the rest. The book gets into the wrong hands and it gets printed off and than every1 sees what they have been writing about them. now granted it be it may in the last few years with the social networking scene the whole jealousy issue has taken a huge toss and got spun of its head litterly but again its not a great scene to be in at all.

I think in recent times i do sometimes get jealous but i have learned to deal with accordingly and well things get to much i just take a deep breath and walk away and keep my pride and dignity in tact as well. But try and tell that to certain people who use social networking sites as spring form for the likes of Jerry springer style fights. Now ages back i was involved in a scrap a wee scrap do to different of opution you know. the fight was in question quite a silly fight over a small issue but when i was fighting my corner with this person it was like ok im winning here so if you add more your just litterly walking into another row with me. Needless to say she didnt see this and started getting personal. So with that there was a lot of fights insults name calling and even there was questions of my own lifestyle and faith thrown into the mix with this fight. All the while i keot my cool and kept saying very calmly well look this is what i think and well i dont think im better than you. It was than she litterly went for me. She got vicious called me all the names under the sun and than i just thought hmm ok sweetheart your not seeing my point being made her goodbye. It was than later that night things got vicious she decided to email me and call me all the names under the sun and even said well i had mental health issues im a skinny bitch im a forthright vegan blah blah and i just said this to shut her up. hey darling get the mirror from the bathroom and take a good look at yourself. Now you saying all this about me but look at yourself before you ever judge me ok.  Thinking that would shut her up no i got abused like crazy and than i just thought ohh ok psycho im blocking you from my account.

I havent since spoke to this person to this day but it goes to show you jealous little idiots like her are so insecure and than some within themselves. I can honestly say those who are jealous with their lives need little or no ammo to get them started and its also even funnier when they completey go off the subject. Its like ok i hate you and now i hate that bag that you have i hate those shoes you wear and so on. It gets mentally draining and than you just think to yourself ok seriously do i need this no. So thats when i felt relieve the most unbelievable relief when i blocked them from my social networrking account.

But you will laugh when you hear about jealously from the male side of things. Now this will make you either laugh or go HUH why did this happen for. It was about this time last year when a friend of mine made another friend of mine via social networking so they got together and than this is when things got bad. She deicded to email and ask my well whats your man like and should i kno anything about him. So i just said look hes a nice guy and so on and i wish you all the luck in the world. So i didnt hear from here again and than my phone was hoping with messages and abusive calls. It turns out my friends mate had told a few lies and he was out for me and well wanted to deal with things. Now of course i was like ok seriously get over yourself and blah blah and it was than he got all phycho needless to say i met him in a muterul terrority and read him the riot act. I have not now spoken to him since and guess what i del so much better for it.

My advice to any1 who deals with jealously is this dont deal with it or even entertain it in any way shape or form i know easier said than do. But again im a calm person who has never felt the need to entertain other peoples baggage and emotions. I think im a calm centred person who knows when to deal with her emotions accordily i have never ever felt the need to snoop thru other peoples stuff bags phones even email accounts because when you think about it at the end of the day if you do find something could you be prepared to deal with the fallout of it. I think if i have had to deal with jealously i deal with it rationally and keep in mind that i could loose my diginity and tact in place as well. I think also people who are also jealous or who even spur on jealous behvaiour in others only do it for a sheer reaction. I know when a friend of mine got spurred on by an idiot jealous girl the fall out and damage of it all was beyond a joke and nightmare to clean up. I think it took my friend a long time to break out of the cycle but when she did she was so much happier for it. which begs the question is it really worth it to have such jealous little bs in your life who only create nothing but trouble well i like to think not but again only the person who hangs around with these people can only answer that question themselves

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