To be a good review or not to be a good review that is the question

26 May


what do you mean you dont like my music ahhhhhh thats it im telling mom


So over the last while i havent been really on the gig and music front. Now again there hasnt been anything that has swayed me or moved me in the gig side of things. Dont get me wrong i have been invited to gigs. But you see if you can understand in where im coming from in this post it would be super awesome. You see any of the gigs that i have been invited to they seem to be doing cue dramatic music don don don.. Cover versions. Now dont get me wrong i like cover versions i somewhat lie for cover versions but since glee the tv show has decided to ruin a lot of cover versions of late especailly my australian singer song writers gotye somebody i use to know. Which is from what i last heard is rather pissed at the fact that they murdered his song in try high pitched auto tuned piece of crap way as they do on glee. I have come to the final thought that certain idiots are happy to part with their money to hear cover versions from bands that well cant be really bothered to do their own music.

now dont get me wrong im not slagging off people here. But what ever happened to the local band that worked hard wrote a few songs and performed at gigs. I mean the last handful of gigs that i went to of late have been so enjoyable i mean in my own eyes. the sign of a good gig to me is when i remember certain times and points of that gig and that song. I was recently in town of late there and saw a few buskers a couple of young lads performing and than that was when i had my moment. Ahh god they remind me of that gig that i went to a few months back and it was awesome. I think though im being honest in saying yeah they are some good bands out there but it just a matter of separating the wheat from the chaft and its been brought to my attention of late that with me not going to gigs. I have found a few wee gems on the great you tube and facebook and my space applications. Im not going to say app as its a rather annoying word.

But you see when your own youtube its like the 2 sides of a coin in a way. Now i have been known to post stuff up on facebook on different bands and acts that i just truely adore and i always gush on how much i love them so and how much i would want to go to their gigs and how much i want to meet them. But the other side of youtube can be bad it can be a spoilt selfish ego manic of a yolk. It can also throw fits and tantrums when things do go their way. But again if your a musician an artist a writer an animal rights acvisit or even a doctor or what ever job ye be in. It can fall apart on ya like a deck of cards. I mean i was surfing online there the other night it was rather late when i got a vid from this young guy saying ohh im great im the dogs bollox blah blah blah. Now i sat there blerly eyed listening to this 10 minute rant in which i thought this. Why exactly am i listening to this for. Yes i can hear what your saying but do you not think maybe your shooting yourself in the foot by doing this. i mean people will like you or in sum cases hate you in life but the best way to deal with them is just by ignoring them. I think the application of youtube has sumwhat made a lot of people like my good self question the artists work and what or who they represent.

Now dont get me wrong there has been sum not so great gigs that i didnt like or enjoy but i did try and put the positive and diplomatic posting up. I have always believed within myself if you cant say anything good than do say anything at all but again thats my style. No im not being a coward but im also not going to thru a fit if sum1 disagrees with me i have grown past this you know.

But i am going to leave you with this final though just maybe think next time your going to see a gig a film or even read a book just make sure you think before you write sum1 off and post a snotty thing or snottier vid on youtube. Just remember bad reviews like bad hair cuts bad clothe choice and bad dates they always come back to haunt you.



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