Album review Thomas Janak Rainbow Bridge

12 Apr

In recent times i have been looking around for good artists and bands to review. Now i have been given a few cds of late and i am trying to pick and choose my reviews and of course choosing the time and place to to them as well. But of late i have been listening to a great cd called rainbow bridge. Now this album was written by a really awesome friend of mine called thomas janak i should also say that he is  also a vegan and he does a radio show called wildtime which can be found on his facebook page thomas janak. Now i got the great pleasure of meeting thomas this time last year when he was in a 2 piece band called final composition but thomas has now decided to do his own solo material and he has been doing such great and wonderful music for many years now.

Now to describe rainbow bridge you could use many words. i feel that the album has such a great blissed out chillout vibe going along thruout the entire album and thomas’s soothing voice makes the album well worth of a listen. The peoning track im here to stay has the making of good and enjoyable music to listen to. his soothing voice and awesome lyrics make you feel relaxed and happy. its the kind of music i would listen to if i want to just relax and unwind. I ove the eletrocina beat that goes along certain songs in the album and they also remind me of yazoo and depech mode at times.

The new tune that i really enjoyed listening to was dont chase the dragon. It was such a clam and easy song to listen to and it actually reminded me of the beloved blissed out 1990s tune the sun is rising. I have to say it was one of my personal favourites on the cd and i felt that the song within itself brought an sense of calm into my busy life.

The next tune that i really enjoyed was i understand. It remi nd me of the 90s dance song by grace its not over yet. I loved how there was a hint of eletronica that runned throut the whole album and i also loved how there were hints of old school german stylings music that remind me of kraft work. I think that if you want some blissout beats and awesome music to listen to whether it being in the car or even having down time to yourself i would highly recommand getting rainbow bridge.

I would just also like to say that this ablum in a whole has even helped me get through a perosnal trauma in my life. since the beverment of my late mum gemma rogers. This soothing album has eased me and comforted me at the best of times and if and when you buy the cd you will get an inlay card describing how thomas got the name of the album and when you get the cd make sure to check out the photography work in the cd case as there is such as gorgeous picture of thomas hanging out with his gorgeous furbaby son charlie his beautiful and gorgeous white german shepherd dog.

I think if any1 want to add electrocia and blissout beats and soothing music to either their ipod or mp3 player thomas janaks rainbow bridge is one cd i would highly recommand.

Should you also wish to purchase this awesome cd please check out janak and follow his links to order his awesome cd.


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