Drifting along or drifting apart?

16 Jun



im not sad that we dont speak im just sad you dont make the effort anymore


So for the last while i have been going thru recent changes in myself. I mean i know i said ages back that i might be going back to school. I also know that i said that i would be doing certain things in my life such as travelling or maybe even going on holidays abroad. But alas i have put a few plans on the back burner for a while. Mainly due to the fact that i have well other commitments in my life and well money has been tight of late. I mean who knew that you would need such things as a job money and even a few other things in order go get my plans up and running. I kid i kid of course i knew all this i mean that i would need funds in order to fufil my dreams and well they will happen all in a good time.

BUt sadly what i have noticed of late is that i have been drifting apart for a lot of my friends. I just remember this hit me last night. I was talking to my best friend in sydney and we were talking about gigs he went to and also up and coming tatts that we both might be getting. So as he went off to get his coffee. I checked out gigs that will be happening in the summer. Now im going to well plan to go to oxygen and electric picnic this year. I mean i was already offered tickets for the weezer gig and lord only knows im a massive weezer fan. So i happily clicked on the electric picnic webpage and i was very impressed to hear my favourite candadian cool kids arcade fire playing this year. So being all excited and simply bursting at the seems i texted every1. Come on who is with me for going to electric picnic we can all make a weekend of it and tickets are at good prices so comeon is with me on this. Now i did not hear naything yet and i took it into note that it was late last night and well every1 might be asleep. But nothing prepared for what news i got next. I got one text saying ohh thats like ages away and we will see. I was pretty dismayed and pissed at the same time. The last time i was this excited by anything was when simon fagan came to town and i got to meet him. Than it just hit me. I have out grown my friends.

Now i didnt cry i just thought ohh it looks like i have out grown every1. Now its kind of sad really now that i think about this. It also sent me spinning to my friend in sydney. Jeeze i hope your not going to dump me next. BUts sad when you realise sumthing like this. I have been friends with these people for years i went to school with them. I even catered for their nights at the pubs and night clubs i worked in and i even helped them wet the babies head. But apartily i ask my friends for too much of late. Now to say the least i would say that the friends that i have made in recent times that i have made on social networking sites are more like genuine friends to me than the so called friends that i did have. I mean if anything all it takes if a poke a quick hi and event a comment on a link or photo or song that they might have put up on their page. Now thankfully my mate in sydney was extremely kind enough to let me spin and than help me put with this situtaion and for that i would be lost without him. But seriously as for my so called friends well sadly it looks like its good from me. Do you know what i dont even feel sad when i think about it let alone say it. I have always been a self relant little ragamuffin 1 2 i dont acatully relate to my so called friends anymore and 3 well my friends on my social network site have been so awesome to me of late. They have also been there for me thru the thick and thin of it and also have made ma laugh out loud so many times im actaully surprised that i can stand up staright from the amount pf laughter that these people give me on a daily basis.

Now i do know that certain people have went thru certain changes such as having children moving abroad or even well other every day life. So to those people who have let me down. well its been swell but i really think that it might be my time to move on and well do my own thing. Now where is my tattoo artist friends and folk musican friends and fellow bloggers when i need them. 

Watch this space

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