the 1 who got away

13 Jun





So i have to say i have been going thru a some what interesting change in my life. I mean like nothing has happened of late work wise. But sumthing very interesting happen there at the weekend there. I was happily walking around my town with my vegan latte when i heard a familier voice say hello to me. It was a ghost from my past and to say the least i havent spoken to this ghost in a really long time. Now when it comes to my exes i sumwhat will admit i dont have the best case history when it comes to ex BFs. But i think if anything i would always try and stay friends with my exes. I mean im friends with 2 of my ex BFs on a social networking site and yes at times we do talk laugh share links and also check in to see how the other one is doing.

But i think with this ex well it was sumwhat surprising seeing him. So we went for a drink spoke for ages and exchanged blow by blow accounts of what is happening in our lives. What kind of made it sad when i told him about my own issues and about what has happened in my life. Now i cant really say much about whats happened to me but all i will say is my health kind of sucks of late. So when i told him all this. It hit him hit him really hard. Jesus you have been thru the wars havent you he said. Well you could say that yeah and also ahh im ok at times tis hard though to not well get thru the day without being upset.  So when i said that he just fell apart and said he lost sumthing in me.

When i heard this i actaully felt nothing i mean i treat life like the luck of the draw and im not saying this in a bad way but im kind of glad that we did end when we did. I mean i was in one of those relationships in where everything went wrong. we fough we made up we laughed til our sides hurt and well cried. but towards the end we kept fighting and we were not going anywhere. I will admit this im not sad about it at all. In actaul fact im kind of relieved if anything.

But if im being honest here he kind of half killed me that day. he more or less admited that i shoould get back together with him as i would not do any better. But i will tell you one thing. i could never ever settle for 2nd best or even go back into my past and well settle for that. Coz i know at the end of the day i know that i have good support network of friends and family who would like to see me happy. But i think my own mid is made up in what im going to do next.  

I think in having this alone time it has really made me think in what i want and what i need. Now i know what i want and what i need and i certainly dont mind waiting at all.  its just a matter of waiting for the right time and place and being with the right person.

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