changes within thyself yet again

10 Jun

Yikes. Covers herself in her hoody and hides away. I have just realised that i havent did a piece in a shocking amount of time. Jeeze i will say that well i have had ahem a bit of atuff on but sadly i have been hitting the wall when it comes to the blogging front. I have been chopping and changing ideas in my head so many times over that i have decided that i should really write a new piece and today will be this day to write sumthing.

So what news do i have since i last wrote sumthing. Hmm well i have been going to a few gigs have been going thru recent lifestyle changes and also sadlyh i have been slammed down on so hard like a fat ckid goes after chocolate cake. So sadly alas im not getting much work as i want to be. BUt this has been a good thing for me. I mean im in a market and a world of shallow god foresaken idiots that are called well therapists. Now in no means am i putting any1 down here. BUt sum people especaiily in this town really need to calm the f^^k down and chill the f**k out. I would like to say im making a bomb being a therapist but sadly im just about litterly breaking even. Which is sum what annoying and at times really fucking infurating as well. I mean as a therapist i have been adverting myself and well placing myself and even doing the grand thing of strutting myself like a prize animal at a show. But alas i get no way.

You see i feel like one of those strays in the pound that no one wants. (i know its a cruel comparson and i really hate using it) but its so true. Every time the cell rings i put on my happy voice i sell my soul and than sum and even say look i will even give you a discount. But alas they wont take me on. Now what really infurated me more of late was the following. I asked a friend ohh can i put posters up in your shop as i well need to pay the bills. Needless to say they said yes. Now a week later the poster went missing and than another girls poster showed up. NOw i kind of said what the hell im barely living as it is and also i need the business and also im more qualifcated. The answer to which i got infurated me more. well thingy is the friend of the family and shes starting out. Which made me quite angry and made me think seriously why in the name of god do i need you in my life so with that i just left it at that and walked away with my pride in tact.

Now when i talk about change again well who knows what will happen. Sadly i did make changes to go and travel and well do other things but sadly the ressession is sumwhat killing my dreams. Now please try and not mock me and say it will all be ok but seriously im a bit screwed. I try to smile and say yeah life is good but seriously its not all that good. But i will thank the budda that i have a roof over my head supporting friends and family and a lovely collie named shep to fall back on.



Posted by on 06/10/2011 in daily rants


2 responses to “changes within thyself yet again

  1. jeffersondavis

    06/10/2011 at 11:37 pm

    The recession is terrible on most of us, even in the states. The first things to go or the environment and wildlife I hold so dear. Other things such as therapist, like yourself, and artist (painters, photographers, poets, writers, and the like), such as myself, are in queue to be cut. It’s terrible and it affects us all far more than we realise. I ran into my dentist the other day. He said that his client list had been cut in half since all of this mess happened.

    Keep your chin up and keep a keen eye on your goals. I know that’s lame, but it’s the best advice I’ve got at present. And, don’t be selling your soul. It’s not worth it. 🙂

  2. vagab0ndage

    06/13/2011 at 7:39 pm

    thanks for your awe inspring words jeffy. Im hanging in there just barely. BUt at least i have good friends like yourself giving me nice postive words to go with. thanks again for this you have cheered me up massively.


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