08 Mar

Before you read my blog I really think you should take 2 mins out to check out dressed as a girl but it carry’s a strong message in how use girls are not treated all that fairly for when it comes to our every day lives. You can than see that im working with a theme here for today’s piece. ๐Ÿ™‚

So as you may or may not know its international woman’s day. So today is the day for the lovely species that is the all singing all dancing female sex. I mean I have to its pretty damn awesome being a woman. I mean we can do pretty damn amazing things. I mean we can well have friendships that can last from childhood that go well into adulthood. We can take in new friends and welcome them into our fold like their were our long lost buddies. We can also meet potential mates and than maybe just maybe marry the guy or girl. More importantly we can have as many children as we want. We can also have the ability to keep a house clean keep every one satisfied that may live in the household. But do know what I find pretty damn amazing for when it comes to my ladies. Well the ability to cope with any given task that is thrown to us. I mean I have seen and done it all when it comes to all things life wise and I have to say well we are pretty damn awesome.

But I have to say that while I simply gush over the fact that women are awesome sometimes were are the unsung heroes for when it comes to every day life. Many women that I know do have a lot of stuff to do. I mean running a house looking after children and going back to college is not an easy task but I know a few women who have done this and I have to say that I am simply in awe of how they do it. I know a really good friend of mine who is not only doing a physiology course but also is a full time mum to her little boy and is also working part time when I hear things like this im just simply lost for words. But I have to say not every1 life is dealt a good hand. I do remember a few years back I worked in a all female environment and I have to say this and I think sum people will not like me saying this at all. But some girls can be ruthless and in some cases mean as hell. I mean when I worked for this certain company it was hard at times to say the least but thankfully I raised above it and made it a personal mission not to partake in silly or stupid childish games. But I think now that I look back it actually made me stronger and it has also made me the person that I am today.

But if I’m really being honest here I must prefer working in a male dominated environment. I mean like I was a bit of a tom boy growing up and when I hit my late teens early 20s I started to work in the bar trade. Now working in the bar trade is such a blast I mean the fun I use to have with working with my guys was such a laugh. I would also roll with my boys for when it came to working in the bar but we always made the time to have a laugh after we finished work. But apart from working in the bar trade with a large group if males. I have worked in different areas and I have to say I know that now that I can have a laugh and a joke with my guys. But I think at the end of the day when it comes to both sexes I think that I have the up most respect hmm for both sexes if im being honest. I think if anything men and women have equal talents for when it comes to not only how we work rest and play but also we do know how to sort out our every day challenges that the world might throw at us. I mean if anything im being honest here I don’t know how to change a tire on a car nor do I know how to fit in a smoke alarm or even pro gramme my dvd player so yeah im not ashamed to admit it I just sometimes well call the well stronger sex when it comes to things like that.

But I have to say if anything what does kind of shock me really is the way that some rules are never ever going to change for use girls at all. I mean being in the job that I do I dont get paid much but as far as I know a man will get paid more so than me. I also know that if I do decide to well have a child and raise a child alone that I could have the odds stacked hugely against me in not being trated fairly and there is many many other issues I could bring up but im choosing not to and also I really dont have all day in raising up such subjects. I mean at the end of the day I do know a few things mainloy about myself. Im truly talented and mutli skilled. I can literally do 5 tasks altogether at the same time. ( I have experience in doing this from my waitress days). I am also good at science and problem Solving. Again this is a really good skill to have under the belt for every day life. I can also be rational patient compassionate non judgmental and very very kind. I can also well be there for my ladies and gents in times of not only having a ball on nights out. But I also make sure to be there for both my boy friend’s and girlfriends in times of sadness and woe. So if anything in by admitting to this am I a good person to have in your life. Well I like to think that I am. I also wanna dedicate this piece to all my ladies you know who you all are you I just simply love and adore each and every one of you. You girls rock and thanks for being there for not only thru the rib roaring side splitting good times but its also good to say that many of you were there for me thru my own times of sadness loss and long slow agonizing crying hours spend in woe.


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  1. K8

    05/30/2011 at 9:38 pm

    Well said, m’lady.

    *High fivez*

    I’m disagreeing with your rule statements though… I think employers are becoming super aware of women’s rights and volatility, sure all you have to do is mention the price of Tampax these days and they’re blubbering wrecks. I think (I hope) that someday soon, wages will indeed be equal.

    When it comes to children, I was shocked at how my husband was treated in the maternity hospital… he had no name, he was just ‘the father’. Not allowed to accompany me to many examinations without a good fight, he was definitely the lesser in that situation.

    Bring up the other subjects! I want to argue more!


    • vagab0ndage

      06/10/2011 at 9:52 pm

      Do you know what i really want to thank you for that lively debate that you have left here and also thanks for the ass kicking in the shape and form of writing a new piece.

      I think it really sucks in tatts case of how he was treated in the hospital and really all parents of children should be treated equeally and in some cases certain famlies that i know of last are not the traditional man and wife you know.

      I also think that sum people are how do you say quite narrow minded as well. I mean i have seen half a dozen fights not only on the world of facebook twitter but also in the outside world.

      heres a good one for ya. i recently went out in a top and jeans and i was walking la pup down along the beach and than we took a de tour along the main street. now you could see all my ink on my arms and shoulder and i even got chcked out by a few tradies. but what made me laugh was i had no fake tan no short skirt. the guys in question jusy checked me out regardless.

      I should be careful in saying the following but sometimes less makeup fake tan and more clothes on certain females that i know can really go a long way.


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