Change for the better yeah i think it is

07 Mar

So over the last while. I have spend years working my butt off in doing various course and subjects that i could use in my everyday life. Now the last course that i recently done was the holistic health studies course. When i started to do this course i was at a cross roads and i deicded to do sumthing worthy of my talents. Now that i have spend the best part of a few years on the course i have just realised sumthing about myself. NOt only am i smart and brainy and have talents to beat the band. I just realised that i have spend any time or even took time out for that matter. I think of anything i have been working like a dog on case studies assignments deadlines exams both practical and in a class room situation but now that i think about it. Im actaully feeling massively burned out.

I mean i didnt feel this way when i was doing the work this was manily because of the fact that i was on the student diet pf pot noodles red bull coffee and well the odd boozing session. But when i look back at it now. What was it all worth? i mean dont get me wrong im grateful for the work that i did and the certs that i got from the college was an added bonus but now i feel sort of out of the loop. I mean do my best to well make a few bob with my new skills but sumtimes you will get the odd fucker who will say ohh massage does not work. Oh i dont want smelly oils put on me when it comes to getting massaged. But you see this is why im sort of grateful that i went to college and graturated and well did all the work that needed to get done for the course. BUt now that i think about it. Im very grateful for the expereince that the stupid college gave me. Granted be it may it was a silly place that i went to but i feel as though i put in enough work to set me up for life.

Now i have to admit that i am taking a break mainly because of the fact that i have been working hard but also i think im going to be slefish here and decide on what i want to do. I think i have made up my mind of travelling abroad and yes im on the case as we speak of sorting iout my plans and making sure that everything falls into place for when the plans do go thru. But i also think that i have had to make massive changes in my own lofe in order to take up the life of a student. I mean when i was doing my holistic health studies i diodnt even have a bean to myself and i could not even go out. So while the other people that i went to college were out having a life i was up till silly hours


One response to “Change for the better yeah i think it is

  1. Brian

    03/07/2011 at 10:27 pm

    You should go to the hills and spend some time with the goats – become one with them! hehe


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