Tattoos and issues.

25 Feb

Im having a serious addiction to pop punk of late and i think its a good representation of who i am now and always will be  apop punk princess who does not follow lifes rules.

Right this is yet another personal blog piece of mind. I have been working on it on and off for the last while but i think with the day being in it i think that maybe it finally needs to get done.

Right as you may know i like many things. I like seeing live music i like going out and i also like bringing la pooch down to the beach for a run along the shore. But what i have to say i really like is tattoos. I for 1 love getting inked. I have 5 pieces of beautiful tattoo work on my body and yet i crave for more. I would sometimes spend hours drawing up designs and thinking about what would look good and not good on my body. I think for me getting inked is a part of who i am and no i will not change that for anyone at all. The pieces that i have on my body represent the time that i went thru in my life whether it be good or bad. I also have got family members done on my body & for me this represents who i am. But i think what has annoyed me of late is when certain haters go on about getting such nasty tats.

But i think for me i have never encountered the nasty or vicious side of people when it comes to me and my tats. I have well heard a few comments like oh yeah i dont really like that tat on your arm and oh yeah why would you get that piece out there for. I also run with the argument that its my body one and 2 shut the f&ck you dont know me or you dont know who i am. But i do remember a few years back i was at a do with a face from my past. Now i got dressed up and wore make up and well i decided to hit the town. So when i got to the venue i was greeted by friends and they kept sayng how nice i was and how my dress my pretty. This was great until i had an off the cuff comment by an ex friend of mine. Well you do look nice but dont take this wrong way but whats with your tats i dont like them and also girsl should not wear tats. When i heard this i was very surprised to say the least. My first reaction was ok your judging me over what i look like 1 and 2 who dided and gave you the right to judge me asshole. Now from personal expereince i could not be with sum one if they judged me over my tats. BUt i think what shocked me more was when my friend at the time didnt even back me up. Now needless to say i dont speak to thsi person anymore. But seriously why do people always feel the need to judge others on what they look like. Seriously some people can be such tools and i really have no time for them.

I think of anything i would be more for the heavily tattoed guy who rides a motor cycle and has tunnels in his ears than be with mr play it safe and boring in a suit. i think if anything people who make such comments on your appearnce should not be bothered to even think about. I mean i was out ages back and i was told that i am so pretty and that my tattoos give me more of a rock star look about myself. I think the day of people judging me over my appearnce is long past gone. I mean being the job that i am in being a massage and reflexologist there has been a few intersting coversations brought up over my tats. I have even had slighty older clients who have wanted to get inked. But i think if anything i for one love getting inked and well if i get more tats that is my business and no one elses and also why should i give a damn in whether people judge me over my tats.

I think at the end of the day people who feel the need to judge others over their appearances regardless of who they are or what they moght be might have a serious under lining condition that might affect their own views on how they see their own lives and this is why they might feel the need to judge others. I think if anything if and when i do get inked me it will be my choice and no one elses.

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One response to “Tattoos and issues.

  1. Tara Fitzgerald

    03/07/2011 at 2:00 pm

    hey there

    I have to say that i just adore your writing style i think if anything you have a pretty exciting life if anything. As for the dude who hates tattoos he must have issues and he must have a small mind among other things as well. I have to say my australian have got lots of tattoos running up and down his bidy and he also has a huge piece on his chest. But you see when i met him i fell for him starught away. when i say his tatts it was an added bonus for me. So what im saying here you should never ever judge people at first glaces. I think if anything if a perosn that i know looks different that i just embace it. As for the older clients who want to get tatted go for them thats what i say


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