Luck of the draw

31 Jan

Luck only can favour those who go searching for it

So when i was little i was always told that lady luck always stacks up in the favours of the gambler who may have the winning hand right.  Well i have to say here that i complete disagree with this statement.  I think fortune can favour anyone really. It’s not always about having the winning hand or have a system luck is down to the individual and and how they see their way of using their luck.  You see a little while back i came into some money it was small lotto win. i remember that day like it was yesterday. I was flat broke with not a penny on me at all. So when i was doing my chores of cleaning my house and getting my clothes washed i had a wee rut in my jeans pockets.  This is when i found 20 euros.  Oh i thought this is great i can now do the lotto for tonight and get sum stuff that i need from the shops.

So while i happily skipped along to the shop to do my lotto and get my goodies. I didnt think anything of it when i handed my money in for my ticket. Now the day that was in it was a good day really. But not so good either. I remember that from the previous week i had the week from hell. My grant for college fell thru my friend had a heart attack and i had a massive row with the college over the grant falling thru. So all in all it was a shit week to say the least. So when i skipped along home i just sat quietly in room reading my book and than went down stairs to cook dinner. My mum actaully joined me for dinner that evening and than i just watched the lotto. pah we wont win anything i know we wont. We never do. So as the numbers came out i was like ok so we have 2 numbers big deal i said. that will get us nothing. So when it came to the 3rd number i was like yippee 15 euros hmm that will buy us dinner. So when it came to the 5th number i was than thinking this is not happening. So long behold when my 6th number came out it was on the other line. i than just stood there in shock. No no shaking my head that just didnt happen did it. I said to my mum. She also stood there in shock. I than just calmly said right ok hmm we have 5 out of 6 numbers so what do we get very little i suppose.

So after a night of having no sleep at all. i than happily skipped along to my local post office. me being all coy and shy handed in my ticket and asked i was like hmm yeah ok did i win anything on this. So the girl scanned the ticket and gave me my prize. You have won 1500 euros i was like your serious right? fuck me i screamed not litterly of course but still wow thank you so much. I than went home and gave my mum some money. When i came home i was in a serious amount of shock and awe at the same time. I just kept looking at the money and i said to myself wow like i have never won anything. I also came second or third and the last time i won anything was at a painting competition when i was 8 years old. But still it was such a nice win.

i think i was grateful for the win in a way. It was small yes but it was a massive amount of money to me. I mean i got really nice things from it. Many twilight goodies a few cds put some way of course as well.  But when i think it now. Life is about the luck of the draw. I mean if i did get the whole 6 numbers who knows what might of happened.  I mean when i think about it would the big win change me? well no not really. I think if anything if it happened again. I would have packed everything take mum in one hand shep in the other get our passports and move abroad. I mean like at the end of the day. If i were to pack up tomorrow and move abroad i dont think i would miss anything or anyone here in ireland. Of course i would take 4 legs with me of course.  but you see when you think of the world we live n and the what ifs it can make you think.  I mean with my little win it made me think more about who i am about and where im going in life.

I mean im not one of those materialist kind of people who defines her life by buying the top range choice of shoe animal or product no. Im more ahh ok so we will go with the flow kind of thing here you know. Whats the point in struggling bitching moaning and sobbing about what lack of material goods we have in our lives. Dont get me wrong but i love my books and well jeans as well. But if god forbid my house burns down tomorrow pray to budda it wont it would not bother me. Coz at the end of the day its just stuff really. I could easily replace stuff it does not bother me at all. But what bothers me is when people feel the need to drone on and on about how much they pay for shoes and clothes. 

i mean i have a good on for you. I was out in Dublin ages back at a gig and i was happily listening to the music of the band when i heard this scream. like oh my god girlfriend i have just broken my heel from the jimmy choos and they cost me like 500 euros. I actaully felt phyically sick when i heard this. In all my days of being on this planet i have never ever spend 500 euros on myself ever. I think the only time i did that was when my idiot gobshite ex got a friend of a friend to fix my laptop. i than had to cough up the cash for a technician to well unravel my wee laptop who had died a death a few times over and needed surgery badly on it. now the D4 darling how was screaming about her beloved shoes. I kind of felt sorry you life is defined by what shoes you wear. Hmm and let me guess you dont date anyone who even nothing less than a footballer salary. yeah your one sad bitch and also your mask that is made of botox and fillers  that you hide in is actaully made you look like you have cant show emotion.

nah i think myself there is no way i could spend that sill amount of money on a pair of shoes and also yeah there is more to life than shoes and designer clothes. Your life if anything and im going from my own experience should be about what you can do to make it flow along nicely with no hassle or complication. I mean i havent got much money myself but hey it does not bother me at all.  All im grateful for is a roof over my head. My friends and family and my little dude shep. I could not ask for more really. Although it would be tres nice to have a nice boyfriend who adores the ground i walk in and loves me for me. But hey until my handsome beau comes running into my arms whether it be here or abroad.   (FYI my beau is not in ireland i looked around and alas could not find him at all) Im thinking it would be more so abroad but i think i could happily sail along my own life with no mess or no fuss.

 Also whoever said that money makes you happy. They were actually kidding themselves. Money does make a life a little easier i mean you can buy the stuff you want and go where you want and have a life of great fun but with great fun comes responsiblity and also when the so called well of money dry up who is there to you know pick you up when you fall down. I know from experience my very own actually i have always led a life of no fuss and worries. i think its only the fools who try and buy their way into a life of excess fun games and endless hours of joy. But like everything else that can come with a price.  i for one will never ever buy into a fools paradise of broken dreams and messed up visions of their so called happiness.

nah i think im happy for all my friends who can make me laugh and fall around the place in tears of laughter. Im also grateful for the chosen few who can put me back together like an accordion.  In the very sense of well putting my broken parts back together just like a jigsaw.  fo that you know who you all are and i thank each and every one of you. If money was no object i would than buy you a red ducati motorcycle or a red porche sportcar. Well seeing as the fact that i have no money you will just have to make do with my company and my endless awe inspiring words hee hee so take it all in people. lets not forget my truely great company as well. i can acatully say im not only a good friend/lover but im everything that you want me to be and more. Nope users need not apply as i just ignore them.


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2 responses to “Luck of the draw

  1. Holemaster

    02/02/2011 at 2:17 pm

    Don’t worry Vicky. He’ll come along alright. A sweet girl like you has good things coming.

  2. vagab0ndage

    02/02/2011 at 11:54 pm

    aww thanks holemaster for dropping in to my blog. I do hope that your well and life is treating you good


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