Get over It idiotia!!!!!!!!

12 Jan

Do you know what there is one thing that drives me crazy well its a few things but this one thing has just driven me up the wall all day long? Ex Bfs why in the name of sweet jaysis do they need to bother us hey. i mean heres a funny story that has happened to me over the last few days and whether you laugh or cry at it i dont honestly care.

So i was on my social networking site just cleaning up things putting new music up and what have you when i got an invite from 2 exes of mine.  now ex no 1 is a complete idiot. i dated him a few years back and i was young so we didnt have much in common so it was one of those blink and you will miss it cameo film parts that you have in your life. Now its fair for me to say ok look we are do now so whats the point in staying in touch hey. If we didnt work out as lovers than we would never work out as friends at all. So this guy has added me a few times on my social networking site. Now i did add him but when i did it was the biggest mistake ever on my part. This person and me had not much in common and with me being a bunny hugger and a veggie we are miles apart. So this is the part that infurited me. One day this idiot decided to post a comment on a fellow friends wall and i wont go into details but it kind of caused a massive amount of trouble between my and my friend. So in the end i had to block him. So after a while everything went back to normal right my life was back on track. (or so i thought it was) when idiot deicded to add me again. Now i turned down the requests a few times over manily because of the fact hes a mouthy idiot who always spat out shite on this page that he was on.   so after a few times of inviting me on social networking i just blocked him. thankfully i did ina way i have spend enough time in dealing with gobshites.

So with ex no 2 it was the same BS as ex no 1 you know the adding me on socail networking sites but this idiot had my number and kept tetxing and ringing me. Only that i had very good inner strenght and my best friend to help me out thru this time i think i would have crumbled but thankfully i didnt. So after a while of not asnwering my ohone or texts he fianlly got the message. But you see here is my point of this little rant of a blog. Why cant some people get over the bloody fact that you dont need them in your life. I mean ffs if i did that to a guy or girl i would be up as a stalker in front of my local judge.  I also think if a perosn that does not want you on their social networking site or answer your calls than they dont want to ever talk to you again.

But do you knwo what now that i look at things i actaully feel much better within myself. i recently took a time out from my social networking site and i felt a little better you know. But at the end of the day i am much stronger and feel so much better within myself thanks to my friends supporting me thru the tough times.  I think that also with me taking some much needed time out i can now deicded on what or who i want in my life. But i also think that i have now decided that i know what i want and i also know how i am going to get it.

Hmm i should really deciate this piece so i will do that so. Hmmmmmm to the person who has spend all their late nights staying up talking to me. For also picking me up litterly when i fell down and for also not judging me when i had my nightmare moments i do certainly hope that you will continue to stay in my life for all the future to see and i also think that you are one truely awesome person and i do hope that i can be there for you in your own times of trouble and need what am i saying your life is bloody perfect 😉

So heres a little track by my favourite band of late mumford and sons yes i know  have played them to death on my social networking page but i cant help but smile when i hear this track and i think of you.

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One response to “Get over It idiotia!!!!!!!!

  1. Tara Fitzgerald

    01/29/2011 at 6:22 pm

    Yeah i have to say i love how ex BFS always feel the need to pick us up throw us about and than throw us aside when they feel the need to. My advice is to ignore the ass hole and move on. At the end of the day its his loose not yours. This would be the main reason myself why i dont date irish guys myself. bring on the australians hey.


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