Change for the better

09 Jan

A phoenix will always rise from the ashes and it represents change


Hmm so yes of late i have to admit that i have been very down. Now your probably all wondering why and this blog might explain a few things about why i have been down. now christmas came and went whihc was ok i guess. But i think that doom and gloom hit me on NYE.  You see the day was ok in itsself. got a realy nice phone call from a good friend of mine from australia. I also got to watch the hootananny on jules holland. I have to say i got to see good bands and i have now developed a taste for different sorts of music. For example I have now discovered a taste for folk music. i did like folk music wayy before it was labeled cool.  But now im liking it more. I have to say that i now know what to load up my new ipod when i do decide to get it.

I think for me what really pissed me off was that i spend all my happy new year texts to everyone on my phone. Now i sent about have a dozen messages off my phone and at this stage i was low on credit. So with in a hour i got a few responses back mainly from my bro gray few from down under and one from a really good friend of mine that i want to college with. i have to say that i was glad that i got my responses back but i got a very bad response from a certain person. the text message read who the f*&# is this? now i was startled when i got this message back. I just replyed back its me. Than i sat back and waited for an apology you think i got one back nope. This person who i kindly gave advice to them in the past regarding raising a puppy and giving general advice on everything life did not get back to me. Instead of letting this upset me i just got rid of the number. i mean at the end of the day of the day as oscar wilde says It is always a silly thing to give advice, but to give good advice is fatal. So i can now say that i have since got rid of that contact from my phone. In fact i got rid of all numbers that dont even bother to contact me at all.  At the end of the day whats the point in keeping numbers of contacts that you will never ever speak to again. Also its a good way of clearing up not only your phone but your life as well.

As for my new year plans well heres the thing. i have a few ideas that im putting to good use and beofre the negative idiots dare say anything i shall say this to quote moe from the simpsons pipe it down rub a dub. In plan english shutta up your face its my life and i will do what i want with it. Hmm firstly i will be learning to speak italian. i need a new language under my belt and i thik italian is a good place to start. also it will mean that i can hold a proper italian converstaion with my friend anna. Hmm secondly i plan to travel and go abroad if anything for a holiday who knows what will happen but again its just matter of me saving up for tickets and yes i do know where i am going thank you very much. Im also thinking of doing charity work as well. i think i will be doing some work with local animal shelters and i find that this work is massivey rewarding and i also get to work and work with cute animals as well. i have also made a promise to myself that i will not or ever will be no bodys fool ever. i think after my time of thinking and being alone. Im not going to fall for a smile and some idiot that can promise me the world sun moon and stars. i think we all know who we are talking about and nope i will not ever do that again. nah if anything i have set my sights further and and what or who i can see in the distant has a really nice view and thankfully also knows what they want or need in their life.

Hmm i also think that this year will be a good year of change and i do hope finally that this change will bring me to a new location that is both suitable and yet dog friendly for me and my little family. whither it be here or abroad who knows who knows indeed. I just hope that this move will haveen sooner rather than letter. i also hope that this move happens for all the right reasons.

I am also thiking that it would be a good thing for me to spread my wings and go nad make new friends outside of this twown. Im so sick of this one horse town and so tired of the fact that i have to either watch what i say and how i say it. being an aries i always speak my mind and that can somethings can get me into trouble. But again i wont be saying sorry. If  you cant accept me for all that i am well than walk away. I have never ever been the type to sugar coat something so sickly sweet that you would gladly eat it all up in one sitting. Also its much better to be honest i can assure you im not one that wears rose tinted glasses and blatter all on about how my life is great. I also will be seriously reveiwing certain friendships on my socail networking site. the fair few that have been good to me over the last few months have been very good to me and at times these people have welcomed me in to this work and personal lives and have always given me the good advice that i have so sorely needed.  You know you all all and thanks for giving it to me straight even at times when ceratin nuggets got stuck inside me like a piece of bad food. Thank for your honesty i can now truely go ahead with my own plans and not keep pushing it to the back of my mind.

finally i will also be getting rid of the sure fakeness of certain people from ym life. Boo hoo hoo hoo cetrain things may have happened to you. but do bulid and bridge and get over it. FFS if i have to hear anymore about ceratin bad things happen i will scream. ceratin things may happen to certain people but do you know what they get on with it and carry on forth. They dont keep going about about it anything i hear certain things like that its like being on a roundabout ok this happened you either move on forth and get the hell away from it. Sheesh some people are just born idiots.

Also one more thing a fellow blogger k8 the gr8 did a brillant blog puppy screwed about the infamous puppy love calender. If you want to do something for new year get your ass to the puppy love calender website or find them on facebook. All proceeds from the calender goes to ash animal shelter and i have to say myself Theres nothing like a gorgeous group of models working together with such cute cuddly creatures. Also the calender maybe be tongue in cheek all monies are going to a great charity.  I will even get getting onr for my house. Now where would i put it in the front room for all to see. If anything it would make for a great coversation starter. so thats all from me so bye for now/

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