An irish girls view of dating

28 Nov


is it too much is what i ask for in a bloke hmmm i dont so

So as you may well know i have been enjoying the playing the role of playing the single girl. so far its been good i mean like i like knowing the fact that i dont have someone to answer to. Also its been great having this much needed time out from being with someone. But again it would be nice to meet someone. I already have the person in mind i would like to meet. But according to some people my expections are a wee bit high. You see i like a certain type of bloke. He has to be tall have a good personality can make me laugh be a good cook and also like to go out and maybe stay in cook for me. Hmmmmm when i look at this now i suppose it is asking for way to much but hey im a girl who knows what she wants and will do and go anything that is possbile get it. But you see its always good to have choices.

I mean like i have to admit that i like ahem i do like certain guys and of late i have had a thing for australian guys.  let me guess you are properly wondering why well they are cute one. two they have wicked personalitys three they can make me laugh and if i kept going on about how much i love autralian guys i would be here like all night long. But in this day and age i think every girl has a right to decide what she wants in her life. I mean i wont even go there with what happened to the last guy i was with mr ratbag but hey you know life is way to short and its always good to know what you want. 

So i have recently went on a dating website and so far its been pretty good.  Its like doing speed dating at home. So far without giving too much away its being very good. there is a few good matches  on the site and i was happy to check them out. You see the current website im using is free unlike some other dating websites in which you pay a stupid amount of money in order just to see the photos and to also open un your emails i mean come on. The fee that i would have to pay for this site would go towards dinner and drinks its thats expensive. But hey you know what the current website im using is very good. But i think that with going online its actaully not all that bad.

I remember when i started to date first i would go out to nightclubs pick guys up talk to them exchange numbers. No i was never one for 1 night stands i will not comment on this for the simple reason that certain people think that one night stabds are great. But i think if you want to be used and abused in a given situation like this than go for it. But no im more traditional i prefere to go for coffee drink dinner and see how we both get on. But so far the online dating wbesite has been very good. I have met a few nice people and maybe just maybe who knows.

But i think maybe i just might try the going out to gigs and club scene again but i shall not be doing this in my local town. I know about half dozen idiots who would just would drive me crazy. Also when your out and about from your own town its litterly your osyter. So yes im going to keep an open mind in this whole dating thing whiter be it online or out in the gig nghtclub scene but if im being honest here. I have an idea of what i want in my guy but does he have the idea or do i need to keep dropping hints in order for him to get the hint who knows.

All i can say is watch this space……………..


Posted by on 11/28/2010 in daily rants


2 responses to “An irish girls view of dating

  1. Shambo

    11/29/2010 at 12:45 am

    Great to hear you’re out and about. How about chatting up single like minded dog-walkers when you are out with Shep? You immediately have something in common and have already broken the ice. I know this is how Davina McColl met her husband. Anyway great to read your positive posts. 🙂

  2. vagab0ndage

    12/22/2010 at 11:13 pm

    ahh thank you so much for dropping in. I have to say that i miss seeing you commenting on my posts. i do hope all is well with you. i also hope that life s treaing you good. 🙂


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