Life is awesome

20 Nov

The time travelers wife such an awesome book to read


I should really dedicate this piece so i will. This to to my many friends wh have helped me theu the hard time that i have been going thru over the last while and thanks for the messages and phone calls texts and coffee meeting. I love each and every one of you all and more importantly thank for not giving me a hard time. Also thanks to though who have not felt the need to keep judging me over the past mistakes that i have done over the last while.

So i have to say this in a big loud voice my life is now awesome. I can now actaully say that for the first time in ages i feel and actaully look happy for a change. For those if you who dont know what im talking about i have well agaes back have finally called time on a bad relationship that i was in. In fact it was over a long time ago i guess i was just at a loss of when to pull the plug on this relationship.  But now after much thinking and time alone and time spend with my good friends i now know what i want in my life.

But i also think that now that i have single i have more time to think abot what i want and what i need in my life. I have deicded that i want some time to myself to think about what i want. What i want is ????????….. Now that would be telling but again i have always went with my heart when it has come to makng decisons in regarding my life. But i think now it should be about me and what i want and i wont be listening to people on the standards of what they want for me in my own life.

But i guess being single is not all that bad. I can now do things for myself and learn more about myself during this time. I think if anything i have taken up reading again. I have to say the book i am enjoying at the moment is the time travelers wife audrey niffenegger. I have to say its a wonderful book. One for the girls though its about this guy called henry and this girl called clare. Now henry and clare dont have the idea standards of what you would call a perfect relationship. henry is a time traveler and he would slip in and of clares life at different stages of her life. The first time henry meets clare is when she is 6 years and henry is 36 years old.   when calre meets henry its quite funny she actually hits him with her shoe which made me laugh coz at such a young age shes very feisty and  i have to say that I can see a bit of myself in clares charcter throughout the whole book All through out the book henry and clare meet up through the book at different times in her life.  So what happens to the time traveler and his wife do they meet up and so on and do they have a happy ending. Im not going to say but so fair im really enjoying the book very much. i would also like to say thanks to K8 the gr8’s mum for recommanding such a good book for me to read.

I have also found now that i am single i can actaully do things that doesnt actaully need a partner to be with. For example i can now go to dinner on my own.  In fact i now do a thing of going to dinner by myself once a month. i do into my favourite resturant order my favourite pasta meal and sit there and eat alone. So people have evn said to me oh how could you do that and do you not feel self conscience about going out alone. My answer to people who say this to me is no. I dont feel alone in fact im either way to busy with my book or my own thoughts to even think about being alone.

But i can also say that i do feel comfortable in my own skin. i can now venture out to resturants gigs and even go to the cinema alone and you know what i actaully feel great for it.  I mean i have done the whole dating thing of going to the cinema and sometimes i woudld also end up watcing some film that i dont like seeing and i just settle with my date to watch the damn film. BUt now that i am single i can now happy go along with my own idea of what i want to see in a cinema in town. No it does not have to always be harry potter or teilight for that matter. But i suppose it des help if there is a cute male actor and a good storyline in it. I can now also say that i might even try the night life. I dont really like the nightlife in my town. My good friend has even said that this town is a joke for even a single cute female myself to hang out in. So maybe just maybe i might start to hang out in town. I also like the way i just just hop onto a bus in town and if i ger bored in one place i can just move on to another place.

But i have to say now that i am single i have more time to do what i want and how i go about things in my own way. I have also recently decided to learn italian. So far its going great and this sill will come in very handy if i go to italian resturants in town or maybe if i travel to italy who knows maybe one day i will.

But you see like at the end of the day being single is not the death of romance. im just single coz i want to be and more importantly im doing for me coz at the end of the day i need my won headspace after all.  I have also leanred that i wont be settling for 2nd best any more and why you ask coz if i settle for second best well than i will never be happy.  Also its not all that bad to have a choice in what i want for my next partner as well. So if anyone knows of a tall good looking eric bana austarlian type of guy please direct me on the right direction. hee hee and also its good to have choices as well.

So yeah like i said life is awesome and may i say that i am now so much happier for having my good friends along with me to help me thru the bad times and the good. You know who you all are and i love each and everyone of you all and thanks again for the support. I know without your support i would have been lost without you.

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