Testing times ahead

05 Jun

I have to say that I am sorry due to my recent absence from the blogging community. this is due to the fact that I had to do my exams for holistic health studies. I have to say that I don’t exactly like exams nor do I hate them I just think that they do fill the void and they also come in handy in securing your dream job in the near distant future.  I have to say that my exams went well. I mean I also have this think about exams I always go in with a can do attitude and all I can do is my best and thankfully this has not let me down.

I had to do a practical exam for my massage class and it was quite nerve racking to say the least. Luckily for me I had a very supportive model to work on but I think that it did go well. So I will be getting the results of my exams in July and I will be telling you all how I get on so watch this space.

But I have to say one thing if anything I don’t actually get stressed at exams. I spend the last few weeks just looking up my notes and making notes on what needs to get done in time for the exams so I took it in my stride. I think the one exam that has thrown me was the anatomy and physiology exam it was a toughie but I think I did ok. Oh by the way remember ages back I di an assignment for coronary heart disease paper well I am pleased to announce that I got a merit for that paper. So well done me and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. But while there is an upside on doing exams and get your qualification for your course and more importantly your dream job there is always a down side. The downside of this thing was people who are filled with self doubt. You know what I am talking about the ones who bite their nails to the wick and chain smoke for dear life and litterly C-R-A-C-K under the pressure. I have experienced this all throughout my exams. Oh god oh god oh god I don’t know what to do help does anyone know the answer to question c oh help does anyone know how the human heart works? Oh god oh god please help. This is what I have been hearing for the last while and I can now give you the answers. Yes no yes and the answer is b and the human heart works by pumping blood although out the body with each beat. What I actually say to these people is relax not chilax  see even my own laptop does not recognise the work chilax. But if anyone is doing exams over the next while I wish you all the best of luck. Just keep the head down revise take regular break and eat plenty of fish its so good for the grey matter of our brains. Well K8 the gr8 told me that and it has worked wonders with me.

But now that my exams are finished I can now kick back and relax. I am going to do this by taking four legs put for a walk. He’s getting a wee bit fat or as he barks I’m not fat I’m fluffy. I can also start getting back to writing my blog and also having some me time to myself. I can also finish off my book. While I am starting to write a blog on. So again guys just watch this space. So that’s all for now so bye for now and I will speak with you very soon

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