How to deal with dog haters

23 Jan

This is something very wrong with this once cute cuddly st bernard. Its a seriouslt good book to read so go and check it out

I have to say that i have had an quite few days here. I have been busy with my assignments and trying to get everything all done and ready on time for my course. So you could say that i have been a good girl.  Well i thought to myself that i would give myself a small break during the week. So i did so i walked up to my local bookshop and asked if there was a stephen king section i just wanted to check out what books i havent got a chance to read yet. With happy luck i managed to get a copy of CUJO.

CUJO was written by Stephen king in the 80s. Its about a young boy that lives in castle rock in maine called brett and he has this loveable st Bernard dog called cujo. Now cujo and brett are the best of friends and you never see one without the other but sadly cujo chases after a rabbit and cujo being a loveable scamp that he is sticks his nose down the rabbit hole and gets bitten by a bat that is infected with rabies.  Sadly CUJO gets rabies and he causes disaster everywhere that he goes and everyone who crosses him. I wont say anymore but i will say this is really really scary.  I love how Stephen king paints a good picture in his hometown of maine and how he paints the good picture of a nice happy-go-lucky family and this cute kid and his loveable scamp of a dog.  I also love the way how  stephen  king always keep you the reader on edge and how you dont know what is going to happen next.  I wont say anything more about this book as i find that it is a great book and if you ever get the chance to check it out please do check it out. If you want to check out the film version of CUJO you can click on youtube and type in CUJO trailer and you will get to see it. I will not put up the clip on this blog as it is very scary to say the least. I am half way through the book and its getting better with turn of the page.

Now i have to say that a really strange thing happened to me yesterday and well you either laugh or get angry with this situation is really up to you. I found personally quite funny but again a bit scary but i did find out one thing. I thought that i was a tough thing but after what happned to me yesterday well i am not as tough as i look.

So i decided to take sheps for a walk down to the park. My mums carer came in to give me a break so i called sheps and told him to get his lead and go for walkies. With that shep did the shep samba he danced around the kitchen knocking everything in sight down with his strong tail and sat there while i put the lead on him. So we let for a walk and we walked down to the park.  When i got to the park entrance i walked a bit up away from the gate and away from harm when i decided that shep should go for his run. So i let shep off his lead and off he ran. he bounced around the grass crashed into the mud and than he tried to herd the birds. hes a border colliie after all and he needs to make sure that everything whether its me tidying up the kitchen or the birds in the park he likes to have everything in order. So shep being shep gave the border collie stare he couched down and circled the birds and that he barked at them. So when the birds flew off shep ran around the park at great speed.

So the both of us had a great time till i heard a scream and a yelp. I stopped still in my tracks i was thinking to myself right ok where was the scream and more importantly where did the yelp come from. At the corner of my eye i saw shep cowering down scared and this woman beside him. Excuse i said can i help you? Well i knew in my heart i should have said anything but i was worried.  Why was shep cowering one and two what did this woman do to my dog. If this your dog she screamed at me. I looked at her and said well yes this is my dog he is a border collie and he is a sweetheart. Well your sweetheart has bitten my dog and i want your name and address now she screamed at me. Now firstly there was dog on her person and secondly my dog will not bite anyone. I have thought shep from a very young age to never ever bite anyone. Not even when he was teething and play fighting. i always said a sharp firm now. some people say him the dog on the nose or clichen its jaws shut. But if you do that to the dog he will start to suffocate and it will place him in distress.

Well your dog is a menace and he shoud be put on a lead. So when this idiot spoke to me like this. I didnt know whether it was a joke or something. I just causally said look its the peoples park and everyone lets their dogs run around. While i said that the old bag kept saying that he little angel was attacked in a dog fight and she tried to place the blame on my little man. Well firstly i said to her calmly but my anger was buidling up inside me. What kind of breed is it? She barked back a jack russell and whats that got to do with anything she hisses. Well i have been down this park every day and i havent seen you or your dog down here. Are you trying to be smart with me she hissed. No i said i am just pointing out that i havent seen your dog down here and my dog would never attack anyone. Hes a border collie they will never ever attack anyone. So with that the old witch demanded my contact details. I slowly backed off and had shep with me on his lead while doing this.  Im calling the police on you and that vicious dog of your will be put down. Now i was thinking while all this was going on? Did this old witch single handly pick me put for an attack  or was it simply because she had nothing better to do? When the following i did actaully get scared she tried to grab shep by his lead and i said dont tocuh him leave him alone you witch i screamed. Look if you dont mind leave me and my dog alone and let us enjoy our time down the park.  before i walked away i felt a thug and i thought that my hoodie got caught by a branch. But now it was the old witch. I want your details now and i want the dogs details and i will ake sure you never walk down this park again and i will make sure that your dog is put down.

Now i actaully got scared but i didnt show it. i simply told her to get lost and to leave me and shep alone. I was pretty shaken up after the row and did think what in the name of god just happened there. lucky for me i met a man who also takes his dog out for a walk in the park. I was greeted by a chirpy hello and of course the dog knocking me down the the ground for kissies. Hmm i dont know i think i have been attacked by a woman who said that my dog attacked her dog. So i told this guy what happned and he said you know what shes an old witch. Her JR thinks hes king of the park. he attacked my little lady just before xmas and she said it was the other away around. I just said to her get lost and completey ignored her. I havent seen her since and i think shes trying to chance her arm. I have to say that this guy was good in listening to me and it did put my mind at ease that i was not the only one that this did not happened to.

I have to say that me and shep got back from our walk but i was having doubts about our little trips to the park. The witch has hit shep and he was a bit scared last night when i came to cuddle him. So if i ever see this witch again i wont think twice of calling the police on her.

I will give some advice to anyone if there is ever have to encounter a witch like this ever again. Always walk away i find that if i did not walk away i would have said something that might have landed me in trouble. You know what old witches are like.

Always make sure that you never let anyone touch or hit your dog. I am so sick of telling people this but they should be one person who is the boss of your dog.  I never ever hit shep if shep is bold its always me screaming at him bed and try to avoid giving him eye contact while doing this its the best way to show him whos boss.

If you have little children who might run up and scare the dog asking you to pet him. Always make sure that the dog is calm its the best way to avoid any trouble but if he is not calm well than its best that the children dont pet the dog.

if this advice does not work well tha i would change locations on where you take the dog for a walk.

I am actually doing ok but this has thought me a good lesson i will now go down to my park in our own time and yes shep still needs his run so i will be still letting him off the lead.

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  1. Shambo from Yahoo Answers

    03/01/2010 at 10:00 pm

    Come on vicky when’s your next update? Hope everything’s well.


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