my idea of a perfect day

16 Jan

I have to say that i am well chuffed within myself. the last few days have been absolute bliss. So far there has been no stress no arguments or rows or certain people trying to put me down. So i have to say that i am very happy within myself. The last few days have felt like they were planned around little old me. I had thursday off so i went about and did my shopping and paid the bills oh i know the joys of being an adult. I also manage to nearly get to the halfway point of my twilight book so i am nearly at the end of it so i cant wait to see what happens. it will be only  matter of time before i get on to new moon.

I have to say though that friday was a perfect day for me. I got up early and got ready for college. i said hello to rufus aka shep who knocked me down to the ground for hugs and kisses. I actually don’t mind him doing that i hope that when he grows up he will never ever stop doing that. Mind you though he was a bit naughty. I was just about to leave for college when i heard a crash and a yelp from the kitchen. I opened the door slowly to see what happened. It was a funny sight to see. Shep manged to get all my clothes from the wardrobe and my college back and brought it over to his bed. I just looked at him and said look sheppies i will be back soon and when i come back we will play together. Before i even went to get my bag. he started to cry and sat on my back. As much to say your not going to college today so you will have to stay here and play with me. Now this whole routine has happened for the last while. So i have had to do the following. I had to get an old top of mine and put it in his bed. So it has worked ok for the last while. Although shep trys to snuggle into it along with his blanket and his bone. It certainly makes for a Kodak moment. Aww.

Hmm good coffee its better than some other pleasures that we get to have in life.

So while i left rufus i walked up to my favourite coffee house and ordered my breakfast. I love love love full fat milky lattes with an irish cream flavour shot. I know before you say anything its so fattening but hey it tastes so good. So that must be something if anything. I have to say that when i pop my head around the door of my favourite coffee house they always get my cup and favorite coffee drink ready. Which i think makes it more worth while to visit this yummy coffee house. So when i got my coffee fix i than went into college and got that done. I have to say that the assignments are coming on well and i am getting bits and pieces done each day. So yeah all in all a good day had by me.

So i have to say that i am really enjoying these last few days and when i thought it could not get any better. I just found out that there is a Danny Boyle season on Film Four. Danny Boyle is without a doubt a truely wonderful film director. It would be fair to choose one film of his that would be my favourite because i love them all but if i had to choose one. It would be *coughs* train spotting and shallow grave. Oh then there is the beach and slumdog millionaire. I have had a blast over the last few days watching all his films and i might catch a life less ordinary with Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz. Its a wonderfully written romantic humour with Danny Boyles black humour and dry wit thrown in for good measure. If you have never seen it please go and check it out. What i also love about Danny Boyles films is that he does amazing storylines with each film. he makes good choices for his leading characters the storylines in his films are wonderfully witty and really really good. I also love the cinematography in each and ever film that danny boyle has made. I also meant to say that Boyle does certainly have a great ear for music i will be including a song called velvet divorce. If you ever get a chance please check out this band. The female lead singer has a great voice. I also love the music and well his leading men that he chooses for his films. I am currently going through a phase of loving scottish men and i really do love ewan mcgregor. I think that he is one handsome man and i would well climb over well difficult objects just to get this attention. Oh god i should stop this girly gushing now ok well just one more time *sighs*.

So i think all in all i have had my perfect few days. Danny Boyle Ewan Mcgregor and full fat lattes and yummy scones it does not get better than this

Seeya later guys


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2 responses to “my idea of a perfect day

  1. Kate

    01/18/2010 at 12:48 pm

    At least your dog settles with a jumper – Hippie completely trashed my house when we first left her… she has a cage now!!!!
    Glad to see things are good for you right now!

  2. Shambo from Yahoo Answers

    01/18/2010 at 9:24 pm

    Aww it sounds like Shep really adores you. 🙂 And I have to agree with you on Danny Boyle. Although I missed the Film4 screenings I have seen all his films before, well only until last week when I saw Slumdog Millionaire on the C4 Indian Winter season.

    By the way, and I’m not prying so I’ll leave it up to you if you want to answer or not but I am curious as to who or why people are putting you down? Don’t let people get to you, you have Shep to distract you and to look after now. 🙂

    Take care.


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