Things to do at home when your snowed in

10 Jan


(The  cat image is not mine its church the cat from the stephen king movie pet sematary )

Hiya guys

Firstly i would like to say a big massive thank you for the kind words and get well wishes to shep. He’s doing better and he’s in good form. I am now with a lovely vet who spend the best part of 20 mins playing with shep and hes like her and more importantly i like her too. Shes not all about the money unlike some people hint hint. So thanks again for the kind words. I actually have thought shep a new trick anytime he wants breakfast or if he wants a chew treat he barks and he now runs to the shep cupboard he can also scratch the door and get all the dog treats he wants. He is one clever collie my boy is and i would not change him for the word.

Now i have spend the best part of all week being stuck in the house and i have to say that i am starting to like it. I actually am not missing college but i have been doing my bit with college work. I am currantly working on a stress management paper at the moment so that in itself is going really well. I have also pt up my assignment timetable sheet just near my laptop so i tend to glance at it if and when i like. So all in all its going good.

I also managed to clean the whole house and i am well chuffed with myself with that to. My gosh i have turned all domesticated of late and i am loving every minute of it. Hee hee i am so proud of myself. What i am really glad of late is the fact finally my life is now back on track mum is getting all better and i am now getting all my assignments done on time. The only thing that has been bugging is this bloody snow but hey what can you do about it.

I also would like to say that i have met a fair few bitches of late and thank god that i have my smart o melia wit i can now deal with them, I think one that has bothered me of late has been a local taxi firm that i have used. Now i am not slagging off taxi drivers i love the dudes if you dont believe me check out my other piece hail to the taxi drivers. A few of ny taxi mates have either gone to another company or have worked for themselves. But after a whole lot of arseing around and taking the mickey with me when it came to getting taxis i decided enough was enough. I had to get a few supplies for my mum the other day when this happened. I had to track up to tescos which took me the best part of hour and half i tell you one thing work shoes and icy roads are not a good mix. So when i went and got my few things in tescos. I called my taxi firm. When a dragon got on the phone. Me being me i cheerfully said any chance of a taxi. No she screamed right ok i said keep your hair on. So i than said well when can i get a taxi when i got this stinky message back. Look your not important and there fore you will be waiting for 2 hours. I was like ok i will wait so. I will go and grab a coffee and read my mag. So dragon lady said the following look its first come first served so don’t expect to get a taxi anytime soon. So she than slammed the phone down on me. I was in shock to say the least. i didnt know whether to laugh or cry. So lucky for me i knew a few of the lads that usually bring me home so i got texting. But alas no reply. So i than took a massive gamble and rang a taxi firm that i didnt even know. So i nervously dialled the number and pulled faces when i asked them the following question. Look this is vicky im stuck up in tescos im very cold and i need a lift home. if i have to wait for an hour i dont mind. With that i nice taxi guy picked me up and took me home. All in the space of 5 minutes. I was actually chuffed. I was well pleased. When it came to me getting my shopping out of the boot this taxi driver actually came into the house and put everything in the sitting room. I just stood there in shock and when said are you ok? Well one you picked me up in time 2 you put all my shopping in the sitting room and 3 you were nice to me and my sad doggy story. With out much delay i said to my new taxi firm your hired and i will now have you on speed dial. So all in all a good day was had by all. Me with my new taxi firm and me slaying the dragon that was really mean to me. So happy days indeed.

But i have to say i have been spending a whole lot of time online and i will tell you why. Its mainly because i am bored and its mainly because of my studies. i actually happen to visit a cool website. its its really good and it has quite a lot of information on stephen kings books and there is also a link in  which you can leave comments. I did my work and leave a comment on pet cemetary. I saw the film a little while back and it was the first stephen king boom i read when i was little. I was read IT and to this day i am still afraid of clowns and balloons. Cue evil laugh we all float down here. If you get a few minutes to spare go check it out. There is also a link in which you can click on your favourite book by stephen king and you can see where he gots his ideas for his books. There are a few books that i am dying to read. One that really stand out is cujo. Its about a family who own a st bernard and sadly the dog gets bitten by a bat with rabies and well if you know stephen king its bound to have a horrific tale to it. I also really love the stand the mist misery IT the shining and there is also a few more books that i like to. I am trying to find a copy of cujo so if you see any copies let me know. But i know that this is only a book and i know mans best friend will never turn on its owner. Well i know sheps wont. hes too much of a softie and i like him that way.

I am currently reading the twilight series and i have to say that i am enjoying it very much. I love vampires and i also would like to say that i am team edward robert pattersion is very cute. Oh yeah i have also been having snowball fights with sheps in the garden. Anytime i thow a snow ball at shep i get a look of disgust but now since i have thought him his new barking trick he now barks at the snow balls. ha ha its so cute and funny.

So thats all my news for now so bye for now and take care


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3 responses to “Things to do at home when your snowed in

  1. Shambo from Yahoo Answers

    01/13/2010 at 1:00 am

    Great to hear from you. Have you seen Saloms Lot? It’s a film of one of Stephen Kings books and was one of the first horror movies I saw as a kid. Not seen it recently however it really freaked me out at the time. Talking about cats above has Shep started chasing them yet? 🙂

  2. Kate

    01/13/2010 at 12:18 pm

    My daughter has all the twilight books and dvd – she loves them….. Hugs to you and Shep… Glad your Mum is on the mend!!

  3. vagab0ndage

    01/16/2010 at 12:46 am

    hiya shambo thanks for dropping in. I meant to say to you when i had shep for the first few days in the house. he met the neighbour hood cat that i have been feeding for the last few years. i give the cat some ham and i sometimes let him into the house for some heat. When shep and mr puss met for the first time. there was firewoks to say the least. the cat started to snarl while young shep started to bark at the cat. I can say now i havent seen the cat since. There was also a funny incident a few months back. I had to take shep up to the vets one morning to get a post op check done on him after he got neutered. So i was sittng beside a lady who had a tiny kitten in a cat box. So shep been shep popped his head in near the door and the kitten clawed him. The lady and i just laughed but shep wasnt laughing he lept barking the the kitten. It was such a funny sight to see


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