You cant keep a good dog down

04 Jan

I got this clip from all dogs gone to heaven movie.

hi all

I hope everyone had a good christmas and new year. I have to say i really enjoyed christmas and i actaully liked the new year as well. I am also enjoying the break as well. So i havent been really up to much. I got a nice present from my brother i got a brother orinter and scanner its 2 in 1 which is going to make my life a whole lot easier and i also have my eyes on a new creative touchscreen MP3 player which holds 8,000 songs so we will just have to say and see and i will keep you updated on the news of if and when i get my MP3 player.

My family had a great christmas everyone was in great form and there was fun to be had in the house and plenty of food and drink was also enjoyed by all. So it was great well apart from the fact that 3 out of 4 rings from my cooker broke on christmas broke but hey at least i had one ring to cook everything on. This would also include cooking the ham and cooking the veggis as well. How did i do it? I just smiled and got on with the job. Im telling you though many famous Djs would have be prud of my work. mainy because f the fact that i was cooking the meat and veg with great ease and i was also swapping the pts and pans like my very own turntable. So we all got to have dinner early and it was very enjoyable. Shep also got to have some christmas dinner well he had some turkey and a bit of ham but he enjoyed it very much. Santa was also good to him as well. He got a new bandana collor a new lead and lots of chew treats so he was happy with that.

I also have the great pleasure of letting him of the lead as well and he loved every minute of it.

As you can see shep is really enjoying his freedom off the lead.

Sp what that it was a great holiday had by all. I had a quite new year i stayed in and watched the shining and that was great to say the least. I love stephen king and i was in bed by midnight. I think the whole bulidup to midnight is a massive disapointment and there is to much expectation and hopes are always build up at that well sad pontless time of the year that is new years eve. I have to say that i am quite glad that 2009 is gone and i am looking forward to 2010.  I am not going to make promises that i cant keep but i will try and have fun in everything that i do for myself and for family and friends. So with that i woke up new years day i was greeted by a sad face at the door. I opend the door to let shep in for him daily knocking me down to the ground for morning cuddles and breakfast. But no i didnt get that at all. I thought to myself there is soemthing wrong here. So i sat on my knees and looked at shep. Oh whats up with ya buddy i asked him your very quite today did you over do it last night. But no no waggy tail no cheerful barking or fight over a piece of toast. I thought that there is something wrong here. So i went online and check out what would be the best thing to give shep so i gave him chicken and rice but no that didnt do. he was just still sad and quite. I threw the ball outside but no shep was having none of it. That was when i got worried. So i rang the animal hospital and i told them what happened. To say the least they were very helpful.  Shep has got a tummy infection so he is on the diet of chicken and rice but hes not really liking it at all but he does tend to take a bite when hes really hungry.

So with that i took a very sick shep to the vet. I rang my vet first and explained what happned so they more or less said bring him over. So i than got dressed and brought him over. So my vet got a hold of him and checked him out. So after a lot of umming and ahhing the difficult subject of money came up. Now i meant  to say to you i owe them well a very samll amount of money but the way my vet was going on you swear i owed them thousands. So after she checked out my dogs stats and his health she brought up this matter. Word of warning if you dont like bad langugae or a girl getting all upset over her four legged friend look away now. My normally nice vet stood at the door with a very stern look on her face.  At this time i was playing with shep and trying to calm him down he hates the vets like i hate the dentists. Look you do know you owe is a few quid and i cant really treat shep unless you clear the bill. I gave her a look of sheer horror as much to say look i couldnt care less if you looked after him but there is a small matter of you owning us a few quid.  i had a shite weekend looking after him i have managed to mess up my back by sleeping on the couch and i have also made him comfy bringing his bed into the living room and checking his states every hour.  I said back im quite tired and yes i do know i owe you a few quid but can you do something. So she than begrudgely gave me shep some medicine. Now this is the killer of my day maybe my week maybe my year. My once nice vet something so horrible to me i was so taken back i actaully cried. Look to be honest with you if you cant look after the dog and if you cant manage the finacial burden of having a dog it might be best that you and your dog part ways now. My heart sank when she said this to me. Tears started to roll from my eyes and i bite my lip and said what exactly do  you mean. I knew in my heart what she was going to say but i wasnt prepared for this. She said it might be best that shep is put to sleep. When she said this i gave her a look of horror and said WTF who the fuck are you to tell me how to raise my dog. I didnt actaully say that but i walked out of the vets kicking the road home.  

I was scared and than some when i had this conversation with her. I was thinking in the back of my mind if you really love aniamls and your a vet why would you say this to anyone. I have raised wee shep when he was a nipper i have cradled him looked after him got him his shots got him microchipped and neutured and you want to put him down just bacsue of the issue of the issue of you getting paid. She was one stupid bitch of a vet and i have now since changed vets thanks to her. Although i got the best reaction from a friend of mine who runs a petshop. I went in this morning just to get shep a few things and we just chatted biut life when i told him this story. My friends reaction a look of sheer horror his bro nearly dropped dog food samples he was giving to me for shep. Good god what did you do he said are you ok is shep ok? Well she was very lucky that i didnt do anything to her. Mind you though i have always been a huge believer in karma so that stupid bitch will get her comming upsons and soon i hope.

So this story does have a happy ending shep is fast asleep beside me he only pops up every now and again to see what i am doing. But hey at least i now have a new vet to go and see. By the way not naming names here but this stupid bitch of a vet her boss is always on tv on a certain tv morning show every wednesday. My final word is that i would never ever have a person like that working for me. If the tables were turned if could be like me insulting someone while givng them a massage. hey dude you a bit instead your own personal insult here. I hope that this stupid bitch gets fired silly cow. Sheps all well and dandy now and all he needs is a cuddle from mummy and a run along the beach. I will say no more.


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6 responses to “You cant keep a good dog down

  1. Shambo from Yahoo Answers

    01/06/2010 at 7:07 pm

    Firstly Happy New Year to you both. I hope 2010 is good to you.

    And well done on cooking Christmas dinner on 1 hob as that can’t have been easy so you must be some kind of master-chef to pull it off. 🙂

    As for that vile vet, I cannot believe she suggested putting Shep down. As I live on my own I don’t have a dog right now, particularly due to work commitments, however I did grow up with them in the family and have never heard of such a callous and uncaring vet. I find it hard to believe that is standard veterinary practice so good on you for switching vets. It makes you wonder what else she is saying to other customers and their animals.

    Take care,x

  2. vagab0ndage

    01/06/2010 at 9:46 pm

    ahh thank you so much shambo. I have no changed vets and shep is now fast asleep by the couch. Have just been wathcing a new trailer for the new moon film and am really excited and cant wait to see it. Well i have reported that vet so she will never ever go near shep again.

  3. Shambo from Yahoo Answers

    01/06/2010 at 10:14 pm

    Good on you. 🙂 Who did you report her to? I was going to suggest something similar but wasn’t sure who. Was it the BVA?

  4. vagab0ndage

    01/06/2010 at 10:47 pm

    I repoted her to the manager but she wasnt really listening but i have my ways of getting things done.

  5. K8

    01/10/2010 at 10:13 pm

    Nicely vented!!! I had a bitch experience too when I caled up to ask how my cat’s neutering had faired… she told me that I’d murdered six kittens – in those exact words. If I’d known she was kittening I would never have sent her in, I was gutted.

    It’s amazing how snappy people can get when there’s money involved. Their interests should definitely lie in the dog’s health, not their sodding bank account.

  6. Vicky Rogers

    01/10/2010 at 10:41 pm

    oh very true kate. I hope the bitch gets fired and i hope his lordship gets fired too. I was actaully in my local takeaway last night collectng food and the wonder vet wrote a column for the evening hearld and he wrote on another shep related incident and i am wondering did he say the same thing to the dog owner who was a little boy aged 8. the dog in question was a lab who awallowed a hairband. I really do sometimes wonder about this world and about the people who are in it.


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