calm down stressarella

24 Dec

Hiya folks

I would just like to say that i havent been well for the last few days but today i am getting a bit better in myself. So thank you all for logging on to facebook and giving me the nice get well wishes. I have to say i am so glad that i have everything done on time for christmas this year. I went to my butcher on thursday morning and with a nice greeting from my butcher he looked at me with great awe i cant believe this your very organised and you have everything ready for christmas whats your secret? I said to him with a winning smile i dont let the stress get to me at all and if i happen to forget something i will just do with out. Wow im impressed he said back to me.

So i now have a big turkey and ham in the fridge downstairs ready to be cooked in the morning. All my presents are wrapped and all my veg is ready. So i have no problems really. Well shep is still circling the christmas tree in hopes he will either A see santa B get his xmas present early or C see the spirit of my grandfather’s spirit. a little known fact about me. My grandfather on my fathers side died on new years day 1995 shortly after midnight. So when  went to bed after the new year celebrations i fell asleep when i suddenly woke up and saw the spirit of my grandfather at the corner of my room. I wasnt spooked at all but i think it was seans (that was his name) way of saying goodbye. When the family told me that seen passed on. i didnt say anything because i didnt want to upset anyone and in my own way sean said goodbye to me in his own personal way.

So anyway i did have to pop out a get a little jar of gravy mix this morning but something tells me tha i should have not went out at all. I was greeted by stressful shoppers and at times i was either screamed at or nearly kicked to the ground over other peoples mistakes. My ankles are also sore from the bloody mammies (no offensive to the mammies who read my blog i love you girls) ramming their buggies at my ankles when things were going wrong. I did have to pop into the butcher today to get some cooking advice on a joint of meat that i got for xmas off my brother. My brother gave us some spiced beef for the new year. So i popped my head around the door and asked him some advice. In saying this now i really wish i didnt. Whys is it that there is always an idiot who always holds up the line for anything in this life by asking stupid questions. There was this idiot of a customer in front of me asking my butcher buddy wait for it how to cook a turkey. So he just gave her the advice any butcher would give her. Put it in the oven at a certain  temputure and make sure you basting it. now this is simple advice for you and me but now idiot girl had to ask the following. what do you mean by basting it?  You know putting the meat juice over it, Oh ok she said and how often should i do that. Well every 45 mins. With each question coming. My friend was ready to take the apron off and walk away.  When he did the following look my friend here use to be a chef pointing in my direction of course she will be able to help you.

So i of course rolled my eyes smiled and gave her simple instructions look get your bird prepared the night before and give it a blast in the oven and than switch it off and cook the rest of it in the morning. When i gave her this advice i lost her. how i lost her i do not know at all. what do you mean by giving it a blast. I mean by gently cooking the bird so you have time for your family and it also means you can have a lie in on the morning. But no idiot girl could not listen to me and went back to my butcher friend. So after what felt like a lifetime explaining on how to cook the xmas dinner. the woman still asked the same question. Give me strength i said to my friend with a look and throw in some leather straps for good measure for me to bite on.

 So after the mess of  the butchers i than went to the shops to get gravy and i was met by more stress at the door. There were people arguing over the smallest of things. But i have to say that i am so glad that everything is done and i can have a lie in in the morning and watch shep open his presents. So thats all from me for now and if you dont hear from me i all hope you have a great xmas and i hope that you all have a great holiday

bye for now and take care


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2 responses to “calm down stressarella

  1. K8

    12/25/2009 at 10:07 pm

    I woke to find my granny sitting at the end of the bed on the night she passed away… I’ve never told that to another soul until now, thought I was crazy for even considering it wasn’t a dream. It turned out to be a wonderful comfort, really. Hugs for your loss, you must have been so close.

    On the ankle/buggy thing… one of my main reasons for having children was to get revenge for years of buggy torture!! (evil laugh) I’ve skinned many’s an ankle since and proud!! heehee

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas 🙂


  2. vagab0ndage

    12/25/2009 at 11:37 pm

    aww kate thank you so much for sharing. I have also lost my dad when i was young as well and i do still dream about him too. I have to say i am really in awe over the relationship you have with your da. I will either A have to to a spot of baby sitting and get some revenage of my own or B put shep in a bauggy and ram away to anyone who gets on my way. Mind you though if anyone gets in sheps way he just jumps on them. See i told you hes a clever collie 😉


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