the little gems that you get to find along the way

20 Dec


Oh how i do enjoy the pleasure of wiritng my own blog and seeing others like k8 the gr8 and headrambles and irambles just to name but a few. the following links are my personal favourite blogs to read. Also k8 did manage to hook me up in this wonderful world that is blogging. Thanks again k8 hope you and your family have a great xmas and happy and peaceful new year. 🙂

I can now say this with great pleasure i have now finished the first few months of my holistic course and to say the least they have been an interesting few months. I have learned a lot about holistic therapies and i have also learned a lot about myself. i have learned that i can hit deadlines i have learned that i really do love anatomy and physiology class (its a great place for discussion on how certain parts of our body work so well and other parts not so well but hey thats another story altogether.) I have also learned that in staying with the right groups of friends and not clicks you can do very well in your course.

I have learned a great lesson though over the last few weeks though. I have learned who my true friends are and to be honest with you it wasnt a moment to soon for that to happen. So i will explain to you what happened. (certain names and locations have be changed to protect privacy). So there i was walking into college on a cold monday morning large latte with irish cream flavour shot in one hand and ny assignment in the other hand. When i heard the girlies screaming for me and catching up on much needed news and gossip. So we all sat down talked about the x factor strictly come dancing and what we did on our weekends. i nearly choked on my coffee when i heard this. OMG so like did you hear some people are trying to replace you on the student council and they are not happy with you. So me being a lady i kept calm and listened to what was said. So when i heard this little tipbit of gossip i was fuming.

So when my little girly told this news i remained calm on the outside but inside i was boiling up with a unbelieveable rage. So i just want to class and i than found out who was speaking about me and again i remained calm. But i certainly got my own back a few days later. Boy did i enjoy it. So this happened on monday and it was still going on friday. So friday was my last day and of course the teacher decided to have a table quiz on entertainment celebrities and music, So with all the questions been fired left right and centre i got my own back on the little taddle tailer. I just used my sarcasm humour and witty put down lines that every girl should use in any given situation. So when it came to well anything celebrity i fired the answers out and than bat my eyeslashes at the teacher and than give the death stare to the idiot who said that i sucked at the student council.

So when i finally got to meet up with my other student council buddy we were talking about life and books and how the book club was going? So when little ms fuckwit said the following in her high pitched voice i didnt know we had a book society in this college. Oh really i sneered well there was posters all over the place one two i did tell everyone in class about it two i put it on my facebook account and three you must really not pay attention to anything i say. IN while saying this i gritted my teeth and said god almighty you must really not pay attention to detail or to anything i say so all in all please don’t talk to me again. with that i just flicked my hair back stood up straight and walked away.  God i am not really a bitch but when i am upset i do tend to play the card and the role i play it very well.

So i did well in my anatomy and physiology class. I got great marks and really good feedback. So that god i can now relax and enjoy the holidays and enjoy eating good food in the shape and form of christmas dinner with the works and chocolate and mince pies. Hmm i certainly cant wait to do so. I have my stretchy pants all ready to do for this great feast that i am about to receive.

So i have to say i have had a great day today. I went christmas shopping. I went into a new book shop that is based in bray and i have become close to the woman who runs the store and she has gladly hooked me up with great books and gift ideas for the family. I first got a book from her on border collies for little shep and to say the least its a fantastic book. Me and shep are coming on leaps and bounds and now we are doing clicker training. thats all thanks to my new books store. the bonus with this store is that all the books are half price and there is something for everyone. It has also got something for everyone. I got a few great books today, I got this book called geek chic the ultimate guide to geek culture by neil feineman. i also got a book on the psychedelic furs they were a great punk band in the 70s so go and check them out. I also got a fellow bloggers book. Now i have been doing the rounds on this site for the last while and hes always been good to me in giving great advice whether it was dealing with idiots or politics or how to deal with sells people knocking  at the door and how to get rid of them discreetly. yes i have now my very own copy of headrambles. I was so chuffed that i found a copy of the book in this wonderful store. Now i can read headrambles while i am on the move. talk about a great find. I also got a book on a photographer who takes pictures of celebrities with their pets. So all in all i have had a truly great day.

I also managed to get shep for xmas pressies to. I got him a collar and new leash. I also got him some rawhide treats and some bonos and i also got him a new name tag. But believe me guys it was so hard in wrapping a present for the puppy while he was on the sniff and then running around the house with the sellotape n his mouth. God bless ya shep i love you to pieces.

So all in all have had a brilliant day and i got talking to the guys who sold me my nice books and my copy of headrambles. His name is jon and he also runs a website. Its on wordpress so please feel free to check it out. hes one cool guy and i would like to say a big thank you to him for hooking me up  with the great reads.

So if you don’t hear from me over christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful christmas and a happy new year. I hope santa brings you all nice gifts.

bye for now and take care

Love and best wishes vicky


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5 responses to “the little gems that you get to find along the way

  1. Gareth

    12/20/2009 at 11:47 pm

    I always love reading your blogs and this is no exception – gives me a great insight into the goings on in your life as well as just being funny stories about how you deal with the social misfits you encounter on your daily adventures. Keep it up!

    One question though – in the first paragraph you mention you’re going to link to some of your favourite blogs, but then I think you forgot to include the links. Would love to know what else you’re reading on the interwebs.

    Have a great Christmas!

  2. vagab0ndage

    12/21/2009 at 10:50 pm

    ahh my dearest thanks for that i alsmost forget. god i would be lost with out you.

    I will give you a list of what links and blgs i also like to read to. aka irambles aka anglish kate

    a personal favourite of mine

    I hope that this answers your question

  3. Gareth

    12/22/2009 at 6:25 am

    Thanks V! Now i have a lot more Christmas reading 🙂

    Although the last one is awfully familiar…

  4. Shambo from Yahoo Answers

    12/24/2009 at 8:46 pm

    Have a great Christmas both you and Shep. 😀

  5. Vicky Rogers

    12/24/2009 at 8:50 pm

    ahh thanks shambo same to you


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