A sweet piece about music and the wonderful Ms Melody Gardot

22 Jun

Hiya guys hope your all well.


I am going to write abut my favourite thing to do in the world apart from writing this blog watching hollyoaks ( there will be a small piece on hollyoaks coming soon so watch this space) and cooking. One of my great passions is music. I love listening to music. I like all kinds of music if you can name it you will probably find it on my MP3 player. I have to say i have an eclectictaste when it comes to music i like all kinds of music from rock pop irish folk dance oh god i will be here all night telling you all about what music i like. So i will get straight to the point.  I am going to write a piece n a avery talented young lady that i stumbled up on while i was on you tube and i would certainly highly recommand that you check her out. Her voice is beautiful and when i listen to her music she just stirs something in my very soul. She is also a jazz singer which is briallnt becasue i love jazz so much. I love miles davis and the old school crew of brillant jazz singers and I have to say when i listen to jazz it just takes me to another place and its a really good place to go to.  So anytime i need to take some timeout for me i would put on a jazz cd pour out a glass of red wine and just relax and loose myself in the music.

So without further adue i introduce to you Ms Melody Gardot. this wonderful singer is from england and with her good looks and smoky sound she is most certainly got a permanent place of residence of my heart. But what makes her stand out from all other jazz singers is she has a brlliant talent but behind that brillant talent lies a very sad story. i actually read her story in glamour magazine so i will be taking pieces out of the magazine to put in this blog. Melody was in college studying for her fashion degree when one day tradegy struck. She was cyling to work on her bike to a resturant in which she worked to pay for her college fees when she was hit by a car. Sadly she was taken to hospital and when the doctors did tests on her to check her reflexs in her legs they didnt work. So when her doctor came in to tell her the bad news that she could not walk again. She just fell silent and said with a smile on her face oh well i can get a really cool wheelchair and i can still use my hands so i could also go to an art course and start to paint. 

Melody than had to have therapy and slowly but surely it started to work. She went in to a rehabliation centre and started to do aqua therapy this is a type of therapy in which a therapist would place you in in a tank and it would fill up with water and with the  help of the water it takes the gravity away so it makes learning to walk again not so painful. So with the help of occupational therapy and yoga and huge support from her family she has slowly but surely has learned to walk again. melody now walks with a stick but as she says in the interview people dont need to know that about me. Also she has to wear special tinted glasses due to the accicent that i had my sight got damaged badly so it there is a reason in which she wears the glasses. I have read other blogs about this girl and i think that if anything the glasses that she wears only adds to the wonderful and beautiful singer and person that she is today.


I have to say that while reading her interview and listening to her music i could not fault this girl even if i could. Shes amazing talented she looks really beautiful when shes performing. There is a lesson to be learned in this story no matter what shite life decides to throw in our direction it can make or break us as people. I am glad to have read and listened to some of her work and she is amazing her voice is just beyond wonderful. She has a great talent and she can blow the amy whinehouses out of the water. (yes i know winehouse is the proper spelling but i dont really like amy winehouse shes not really for me).  So i will give you a link so you can check it out for yourself and you can tell me what you think of Melody Gardot.  I hope you all enjoy it and i will say good bye for now.

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One response to “A sweet piece about music and the wonderful Ms Melody Gardot

  1. Doc

    07/02/2009 at 2:19 pm


    also luvs me some Melody. She finally got a second album out and it’s every bit as good as the first one. if you get a chance to see her live, don’t miss it. especially as -initially- i’m sure she’ll be working smaller venues…

    p.s. found you through Grandad’s…


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