I heart films

16 Jun

Now the link i have used for this blog is the jigsaw doll from the saw movies. Hes one creepy little dude and if you read the blog i have wrote a piece on the saw movies.  I hope you enjoy it

Now just a word of warning these are my own views on this blog and if you dont like it well dont read it. I dont want the guilt trip of making some angry or miffed because i am just telling it like it is.

So i have become quitea movie buff of late. mainly thanks to my sky box and of course buying shares in my local video shop. (before you ask i am kidding like i would buy shares with the currant stockmarket and oh yeah lack of funds) .  So i have watched some interesting films of late and in this blog i would like to reccomand a few films that i have watched of late and and what has been really pissing me off with the whole film industry of late.


I have been watching a mixture of good and bad films and i have been watching the new films that have come to dvd. One film that i would recommand watching is slumdog millionaire director danny boyle. I can actaully see why that it won a rakeful of awards and a whooping 8 oscars. Its a really good film about a young boy who goes on the indian version of who wants to be a millionaire and it shows you his life story alone the way and how he had not had not easy. I have to say its quite a charming film very enjoyable a bit tough to watch at times but really good. Some bits made me laugh some bits made me cry and others make me think about eeven though if you go through the shit times of life it can make a better and stronger person and wehn you go through the tough times it can make you the person that you are today. i have to admit i have not had an easy life but watching this film made me realise that even the little guy gets a break in life he or she wont have it easy but they also do get a break in life. Whether it is good of bad it is up to the person themselves and what cards they decide to play in the game of life.


Another film i actually watched and really enjoyed was hes not that into you. Its got a brillant cast Ben Affleck Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Connelly Drew Barrymore and a few other good actors. Its basically a chick flick and one for the girls this film is. What did put me off though in getting this movie to rent was that the writers from sex and the city wrote the script from the film and my first thoughts were on no not more sex and the city god i hate that show. But needless to say i got the film and guess what  actually enjoyed it was quite good great storylines and it had funny one liners as well. while watching this film i saw certain people that i know that have certain relationship problems and what made the film good was in whow they dealt with each problem. It also had a great performance from Jennifer Anistion. I am so in a Jennifer Anistion mood of late. I cant fault the girl even if i could i really do love her shes such a wonderful actress and she would be most likely my best friend to hang out if i had a best friend of course. But yeah if you fancy having a girls night in its a film i would highly recommand watching.

I also got to watch the Kill Bill series and mostly i watched out of respect for the late actor David Carradine who sadly passed away. I am a total kung fu fan and i also loved the fightscenes in the film. I loved that scene with the Uma Thurman knocking out the crazy 88s one by one. I also loved the scene in whcih she spanks the young crazy 88er it was just too funny for words. It was also good that Uma Thurman can hold her own in such a hugely popular film that is Kill Bill. I also loved the way she always had the upper hand on all of her enemies their strengths their weaknesses and i also loved the fightscenes when i saw the fightscenes they looked really punishing to do at times and i just got really tired looking at certain fights i was like wow she much of had to have a whole lot of energy to do them. I also loved the fact the Quentin Tarantino used manga animation as well as black and white photography for the still shoots when it came to the brides wedding in el paso texas. It was shot very well and what can i say the man is a genius.

Now with great views sadly has to come bad reviews well not bad reviews as such but sometimes film directors and writers can come up with a bad idea that might make or break a product that they intend to make into a million dollar franchise.

Now i have started to watch the saw movie series. If you have never watched the saw series the saw films are about The franchise revolves around the fictional character of John Kramer, also called the “Jigsaw Killer”, introduced in Saw (2004), who rather than kill his victims outright, traps them in situations, which he calls “tests” or “games”, in order to test their will to live via physical or psychological torture. Now the main character john kramer has a simple mission in the film. If you do not appricate your life he will find you kidnap you have to take part in a game or a tarp in order for you to survive. I have only seen the films of late but judging by what i have read in blogs and reading film reviews online i think that this is a pretty good films to watch. Each saw film is gross and strangely addictive to watch. The only problem i had with saw was that i had to watch them twice because i would ask my friend who watched the films with me why is that bloke in the trap for and what does he have to do get set himself free. I have actaully watched all the saw movies.  The last one i watched was saw 5 and it was good but heres the thing. The makers of saw are going to stretch the francise to a whooping 8 movies. As far as i know saw 6 is being made at the moment but what i am thinking here is over kill. Without giving too much away how can you make any more saw movies when the main charcter is long gone from the film. I think that the writers of saw better pull a great big cat out of the bag while trying to make a new saw film. If you think about it if you try and make another film without your main guy or girl in film well whats the point of making it. I know a certain film company that made the omen films. They made i think 4 films and they stopped. But i think that a television company got hold of the rights of the omen film and made it into a tv show needless to say it destroyed the credabilty of the film itself and the writers of the omen i think got seriously pissedwhen the tv got cancelled. It just goes to show you really when you do something good stay at your craft and try for the love of god not to mess it up.

So thats all from me with my films reviews if you guys and girls have seen anything good of late please let me know. Remember all comments welcome


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2 responses to “I heart films

  1. Kate

    06/16/2009 at 9:40 am

    MMM I quite fancy the chick flick – my daughter and I love them! I think I’ll give saw a miss though.

  2. vagab0ndage

    06/16/2009 at 10:51 am

    no problems hunsy i know that you will love hes not that that into you its such a great film and is quite funny at times


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