Big Brother The end of celebrity as we speak

02 Jun


I write this blog with great interest and wonder. I would like to say thanks to a few people who helped me in write this piece and I hope that some parts of it make you laugh cry or wonder why we live in this so called obsessed world that is so full of its so called Big brother  celebs and the BS they tend to feed us with each pathetic lines and the things that they do to please us. ( These are my views and if you are easily offended plsease dont read on)

 I actually watched a documentary during the weekend called big brother 10 years in he headlines. For those of you who don’t know what big brother is. It was a tv show that was created in the year 200o0. its idea was that you get 12 nobodies from the streets of England and maybe in this case Ireland to live in a big house. That sounds grand I hear you all cry? Hate to break it to you guys but this big brother house has cameras every where. You cant run and hide there are cameras everywhere. Its no ordinary house. In staying in this house you have to do tasks and if you get the tasks right you win a prize. Plus it also helps that if you lie cheat and scheme way though this house you have a better chance of winning. You have to stay in this house for so many weeks and you have get on with not only your so called friends housemates but you have to win the affection from the public.


I have to say that I did watch big brother the first season and I thought it was good in a way. I thought it was a gameshow in a way in which that you the public have control over who stays and why you want them to stay. I think when big brother came out it was good a fun concept and I laughed at the way that these people did anything to stay in this house. But now that we are entering the 10 year mark I am getting sick of big brother.

What was actually a good idea to do 10 years back this so called social experiment  is now a shameless tacky way of being a celeb now. I can actually remember years back that when I was reading magazines. I only read the nice mags like hello magazine, cosmo,. But now thanks to the rise of the so called celeb we have magazine racks full of these so called celebs. I think when I was watching 10 years in the headlines.  It made for good thinking really. So once upon a time there was a magazine editor called mark firth and he worked for a little magazine called HEAT magazine. Now heat magazine was struggling and they didn’t know what to do. So mr firth had the great idea of putting these non celebs on the cover of HEAt magazine. It was gamble by all means because for a simple reason that when you entered the big brother house you were a nobody but now that these people were leaving the big brohter house they were selling their souls to you got it the magazines. Now the gamble has luckily payed off and now you cant go anywhere without seeing the twits from big brother clogging up good magazine space. Now its no secret that I love my mags I actually love HEAT magazine. It’s a good magazine and I think its great when it comes to its fashion pages and its also great for the celeb stories. But I think now thanks to big brother its slowly but surely ruining the whole reason of being a celeb.


Its not only big brother who is ruining he whole thing of being a celeb it’s the way of the gate way being opened for other shows that are being made. I mean I spend the whole weekend flicking in between stations. I think I must have seen about 20 shows based on this so called celebs. I think what is the sad thing is when these sp called Celebs have had their little 15 minutes of fame what do they do after that. Most people would say oh I can go back to my day job answering phones or what ever people do for work now but what has been annoying of late is when the so called celebs want more than 15 minutes of fame. Sure its easy if you are a girl you can how do you say become a lad mags favourite by doing risky photoshoots in which you would have to waer little of no clothes at all. If you’re a boy you could do the same visa versa by going down the road of going to the girls magazines and wearing very little and telling such naughty secrets but if that really a job I think not.

I once watched a clip on youtube called one woman band and she said the following its great if your famous for 15 minutes but I have to get back to my day job. It’s a good thing to say because we both know that this woman entertained many people but it also shows you that she knows when not to be the annoying so called celeb. I actually curse the day big brother ever came on to our TV screens. I just hope that TV executives know that people are so sick of this idiot’s entertainment that is big brother. Please for the love of god cancel it. In failing to do so i will start renting box sets for a change.


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3 responses to “Big Brother The end of celebrity as we speak

  1. Gareth

    06/02/2009 at 11:50 pm

    In Australia they’ve cancelled Big Brother. It hasn’t stopped other similar shows going to air but at least I can be safe in the knowledge that I won’t have to sit through another season of wannabe celebs sitting around a house doing nothing for 3 months.

  2. Holemaster

    06/14/2009 at 12:12 am

    Hi Vicky. Yep, total and utter rubbish. Did you know Bob Geldof used to own the production company who make it?

  3. vagab0ndage

    06/14/2009 at 10:48 pm

    well i didnt know that and i thought bob geldof gave us enough torture with that godforsaken brat of a daughter peaches her mouth is biger than the most potholes in my home town. grr she does my head in.


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