what is in a name

04 Feb

whats in a name?

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Hi there guys and girls
I have decided to do a blog on baby names for the simple reason that i meet different people in all walks of life and i get to hear what name they have decided to give their little bundle of joy.  Some names have made me smile some names have made me laugh silently of course when the company has gone and others well have left me with a confused look on my face.
Well firstly you know me as vicky on myspace but my full name is wait for it(while i take a deep breath) here i go Victoria Edwina Catherine. Victoria well that was my mums idea she named me after the queen (dont ask me why)  Edwina my fathers name was edward and the female version is edwina so i quite like that part and lastly Catherine was yet again after another queen Catherine was one of henry the 8’s wives and my nana was named catherine.  I have actually learned to love my name and after all its my indentity andd its part of who i am. 
I asked mum recently if she could name me again she said that when she was pregnant on me dad wanted to name me after a car.  Oh god i cringed when i heard this hmm let me guess ford nissan skoda and before i knew it she told me
MERCEDES. Mercedes i screamed mercedes cool i said oh darn why didnt you call me mercedes i said now at this point mum looked at me shocked you like the name well yeah i screamed. Oh mercedes rogers god that would have been cool. to say the least.  I have to say that is such a cool name and if i ever got to have a wee baba or have a girl pet i would name her mercedes.
But i have to say i have heard different names for babies.  I was in the chemist ages ago and i met a yummy mummy.  She looked great and blissfully in love with her little baby.  I wnet over cooed at the baby and asked mummy what the babys name was.  Ava she said oh wow such a beautiful name for such a beautiful baby.  No seriously ava its such a nice name and just rolls off the tongue its so nice.
I have to say i have my own baby name favourites so the list goes as follows. for the boys. Max Sam Julian Hugh, Jack, Homer, (there is a greek god called homer and yes this would be also used as a simpsons reference)   Ellis darwin and baz.  These names are so nice and can be the making of any man and as my father use to say you name is the best describtion of who you are. thanks dad.
Now for my girl names these would be my favourite girls names Sasha, Steph, Claire, Sarah, Tara, Layla, Siobhan, Norah, Kate. Kirsten.  These names are nice without sounding to much like a slapper or a chav.

Im not going to names names here but in my town certain people have given their children ahem certain chav like names like princess, minx, but i think if you are going to give someone a name like that its bound to cause trouble for both parent and child.  I actually read somewhere that pete wentz of fall out boy named his baby boy bronx mougwli.  When i first heard this name i nearly pmsl so much i hurt my ribs.  I can just imagine that poor kid on his first day of school.

Little boy 1 hey new kid whats your name?

BM Bronx Mougwli

Little boy 1 Hmm im very confused to why your mummy and daddy gave you such a horrable name.

Kids can be so cruel. I know but word up to pete wentz could yu not have given your little boy a better name i heard jack is a cool name as in Jack Sparrow.  God young people these days they never learn.

Oh if i could add one more name for the girls list aphrodite.  Why you ask Aphrodite was the greek goddess of love. 
Stay happy folks and enjoy my blog.


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2 responses to “what is in a name

  1. Gareth

    02/04/2009 at 1:33 am

    My middle name is “Hugh” so it’s funny you should say that’s a cool boy’s name. I actually have a famous name in Australia so if I ever get anything published (other than my blog) I use the pen name “Evan Hughes”.

    So with you on Chav names (or “bogan” names as we call them in Australia). They’re sooooooooooo funny.


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