all i want for christmas

08 Dec

hi everyone

Hope your all well and happy.  I have had a few good days but today wasnt so good.  I went shopping for my mum i was instructed to get xmas presents so i thought this is grand this should be easy.  So i wrapped up warm put on my new gloves and scarf and of course a nice warm coat and headed in to my town to get my shopping down.  this is going to be so easy or so i thought.

I dont whether people had it in for me today but every shop i want to they were playing xmas songs so i bet your all thinking well vicks it is xmas after all and everyone likes xmas songs.  \now dont get me wrong i love my xmas songs i was even rocking out to jingle bell rock the other day at home.  Thats one of my favourite xams songs ever but as soon as i headed into dunnes that they decided to play mariah carey all i want for christmas.  Oh god i how i hate this song i dont know what is worst herself prancing around in a little santa suit or hitting the high notes that only dogs can hear.  as soon as i heard this song i was like oh shite right i was scanning for the nearset exit in dunnes grr how i hate this song.


thankfully i had all my business done in dunnes and with that i breathed a sigh of relief and got my pressy shopping done for mum.  So i decided than to garb a coffee in a coffee shop so as soon as i popped my head in the door guess who is hitting the doggy notes again you guessed it MC herself again.  As soon as the song came on i just had to head out the door what made things worse was a waitress came over to me would you like anything to drink?  I just gave her a hassled look and said something along the lines ooh my phone just rang and i had to take this call.


No offense to anyone but i hate mariah carey shes such a dope and a poddle hair wearing idiot does this woman have talent?   I think not although the lads might say well she does have a great ahem rack on her.  I mean jesus lads i have weird crushes in my time but her shes a minger.  although i did go through a phase of late having a thing for the hamster richard hammond form the fast show  which i will say is cute in a strange way but hey thats me.

So i am just going to say this all i want for christmas is for bloody mariah carey to stop singing that bloody f%&%ing song.  failing that i would not say no to having either Hugh Jackman wearing nothing but a smile sitting at the end of my bed at xmas morning or it would be so lovely if he was here right now hmm i girl can dream.


But i will leave you with this note i totally love this song by the pretenders 2000 miles in my view its one of the best xmas songs ever and it always puts a smile of my face.


Oh happy days

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Posted by on 12/08/2008 in daily rants


One response to “all i want for christmas

  1. K8

    12/21/2008 at 9:53 pm

    I hate Mariah too. Only because they overplay that damn song, it makes my ears bleed. Otherwise you’ve gotta feel sorry for her being so desperate an’ all.


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