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28 Nov

So i have been spending the last few days talking about my friend from the land of oz and how we have got back in tough with each other via messenger.  So i will give you a wee bit of info in how we met and how we became good friends.  Hmm i have to say i am happy that we are back in contact with each other i thin k since i started work in the restaurant i just let everything slide and i haven’t been checking my emails so i did the good thing of checking out my email and long behold a nice email from my nice Australian boy was in my email box asking me to contact him.  i have to say i am glad i did it was properly my best move and to say the least i feel a bit happier in myself for talking to him.


i remember meeting him years back i use to work in a restaurant in monks town and he was to say the least very good to me from day one in helping me to settle in my job he had a wicked sense of humour which always made me laugh and he never made me feel like an idiot when it came to starting out in the bar-trade.  i tell you one thing guys and girls when it comes to starting somewhere knew its always great to meet a person who is willing to take the time to show you the ropes and to also make you feel welcome in a new workplace.  My first impression of him was wow hes such a nice guy and hes really funny.  Whats i liked about him and still like about him now is that he shots from the hip and calls a spade a spade and i think if there was more people like him on this planet and especially in my hometown the world would be a better place to live in.


sadly he had to go back to Australia and i was really sad over that so we stayed in contact with each other which was really cool.  I remember spending hours talking on line to him and i have to admit it was hard pulling myself away from my computer i had to for the main reason of lack of sleep.  He also writes his own blog which i have to say is really cool his writing style is cool stylish and makes you think and i think myself he could win award for the dogs bollox awards.  Hmm i will say that to him next time i am speaking to him.

Anyway had an interesting day here i went shopping today and i got myself a pair of blue skinny diesel jeans that are so tight i can totally rock them in an outfit with a nice jumper and a chain.  I am currently going to a style phase at the moment i have to say i don’t follow the style rules i make my own rules.  As i said in my other blogs my two friends run a brilliant clothes shop and i get all my nice treads there courtesy of them and i have to say their honesty when it comes to clothes style and general talks about everyday life is brilliant and i really respect them for that.  I have to say they totally rock my world.


I have been doing some soul searching myself over the last while and i have come to a decision that i might stay in college get my degree and put it somewhere handy for the future so if you know of anyone who needs a bartender who has a degree in computers and desktop publishing please pass my name on and i will try and assist you in any way i can.  The work thing is going good and i will be working hard over the next while till at least new year and than i will plain my next move.  Speaking of moves i hope that i get my new house soon,  I shall pray to the gods and who ever listens to me and throw a few pennies down an irish well so my new house wish for me and my mum comes true. 


I I have decided to put on  the dave matthews band song stay or leave its one of the most romantic songs i have ever heard and it also reminds me of someone who meant a lot to me.  Good on dave matthews to congratulate us on the rugby. I hope you enjoy this song.   After all if we lived a perfect life of clean living and making no mistakes how would you learn from past mistakes if you didnt do any?  I have to say thank god i have learned from my mistakes its really made me the person that i am today.

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