how technology rocks my world

27 Nov

here comes a big sigh SIGH.  I have been having a few bad days over over mainly to do with the fact that the resturant is quite so when its quite in work i tend to be a little bit loud and annoying.  Im like one of those annoying kids that keeps asking questions or i tend to grab the sweeping brush and dance around with it.


Today was no different we have an ipod in work and it has thousands on it so just out of sheer devilment i decided to go into the kitchen and sing its raining men.  Looking back at it it was so funny me doing my little dance while one of the guys broke his shite laughing i dont know wheter he was laughing at my dancing or wheter it was because of the fact that its raining men was playing in the background.  But at say the least i love entertaining myself in little ways.


The head chef is the same hes goes into hyper mood and starts moving all my equipment in the bar but i dare not go near his kitchen.  hell have no fury like a chef angry.  All the chefs i work with are great fun and hard workers to i remember i use to work in a hotel and i would always try and cause trouble with my partner in crime a former waitress we would always cause chaos just by smiling at the chef and asking him questions about this that and the other and than i would pretend not to listen to him and that pissed him off quite a lot.


Still though when you are in the resturant trade and you have nothing to do i always do the following.

lift crates its a great way to get the muscles working and to get rid of the bingo wings.

think of new ideas for cocktails i have spend many a drunk night doing this and its a great way to get people interested in cocktails or shots in fact if you are all good boys and girls i will give you my recipe for a stoker cocktail. plus this one is for the girls its yum.

Cleaning frenzy  Its shows to your boss that you keep a tidy workplace and if you are not fond of cleaning pick you a clean teacloth get some hot water and polish some glasses.

This one is my personal favourite i write ideas and doddles for my upcoming blog i think my blog speaks for itself when you read it.

I have notice though over last while how the network scene seems to be a bit quite of late.  i tell you this because i recently checkedin myspace account and have got back in contact with a mate that lives in the land of oz.  Its great now that we are back in contact and i will say this  have missed this person lots so i am quite glad that i never shut down myspace account.  I will say this though coming froma person who never did get the whole netwroking social sites they are brill and so cool the way you can look for people in just the click of a mouse.

Hmm but it also makes you wonder what people did without networking sites how did everyone stay in contact with eachother.  Before you say it yes i know everyone have a phone and could always write a letter but before all that did everyone actually stay in contact with each other.  I think not.  I remember spending hours writing letters to my so called friends but they never got back to me.  Anytime i rang them and asked them did you get my letter and it was always the say old thing its got lost in the post yeah right bollox to that thats what i say.


I have to say i like the whole thing of skybe messenger and webcams its a great way of staying in contact with people and friends abroad as i just found out this week.  I think without my messenger i would be so lost and so sad.

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