good friends and great music a happy combination

25 Nov

hello gang


Hope your all well and happy.  Oh my god i have been the worst friend in the world of late.  With me doing the long hours in the resturant i have lost all commen decency of getting back to my friends via email text message and phone call.  So to say the least my friend from the land of OZ was online tonight and to say the least i am in much better form.


i was actually thinking what did people do before email and skyb and before even all that mobile phones.  i remember when i was younger the only way to get in touch with people was snail mail.  i remember spending hours writing letters and sending them to my friends in the country and if they were not here i would send them letters abroad nine times out of 10 i never got a reply but i am thinking its down to sheer laziness.  on their half not mine.


This will be only a short blog tonight as i have a few things to do in the morning and my day will be starting early.  So i will leave you with this you tube clip this song brings back many happy memories for me so i hope you enjoy it.

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