haressed in a bad way

15 Sep




hi guys


just wanted to put this blog in now while its still fresh in my mind.  I was in college all day long and me being me i forget to bring my lunch with me.  So when it came to mid afternoon i walked down to KFC for a bit to eat and a much needed break from my computer.  i was about to check in to see a couple that i know who are very good to me and are always up for a laugh.  So i popped my head in the door when i say my friends there taking a coffee break relaxing i joined them for coffee and we sat around and chatted for ages.


When suddenly this guy comes behind and starts talking to me.  he had a cap on him and was sitting on his bike and was trying to talk to me.  Hmm lovely day for it isnt it he said to me.  i just looked at him and said lovely day for what exactly.  Well you know yourself he replied back to me.  I looked at him puzzled no i said what do you mean.  So after a while i got bored and started to talk to my friend about holidays and amsterdam came up in the conversation.  Oh yeah i said i must get my tickets booked and money sorted out and so on.


When the bloke said to me oh well seeing as the fact that your going to amsterdam can i come with you?  I looked at him horrified and said no chance buddy.  So to say the least the bloke kept chancing his arm and tried to fish information out of me.  I kept everything really quite and used short answers like yes no and gave him my fuck off face.


To say the least i have had runins with this guy in the past and last week i mate of mine had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting this slimball.  he reminds me of a slezy bloke that you would meet in a nightclub who is down on his luck and to say the least hes well dodgy and best left alone.  I have heard from different sources that this bloke is best avoided and sometimes can ask to much questions.  So call it being to friendly i call it being noisy.


It didnt really ruin my day as such but what ruined my day was catching a thief trying to rob my bike.  I came home around 6 and was cooking dinner.  So after dinner i was chilling with mum watching TV when i heard a crash in the background.  I ran to the kitchen and saw a hoodie legging it over the fence.  Right your little bollox i screamed your trying to rob my bike and you got caught im calling the police.  The little shite ran out of the garden over the fence.  Now this is the funny part my bike has a big ass lock on it one two i have a 7 foot fence surrounding the garden and three how are you suppose to get a heavy bike out when you have 1 and 2 3 in your way.


If anyone has any helpful answers please do tell me.  Oh god roll on tomorrow thats all i can say im heading into town tomorrow i will promise not to spend to much money.  I promise

Good luck guys and girls and have fun

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