the bebo and myspace addicts

20 Aug

Hmm i have decided to write this piece on my space and bebo because i have had first hand experience of what the bebo experience was like and whay i dont really have much time for it anymore i might give you the link to my bebo page at the end of this blog and you can tell me what you think again i dont use this account any more seeing as adult friend finder have hijacked my account i keep getting emails from so called sexy singles who want to hook me up.  Hmm yeah that what i was thinking i think not.

Ok guys and girls here we go certain names and locations have been changed for privacy reasons.


This is how my bebo affair started up burned well not so brightly made some really bad moves on me had its not so dirty way with me  and than dumped me on the side of the road like a piece of trash. My experince of bebo was like a dodgy one night stand that i dont ever care to remember ever again.


I had my two nephews must of last summer staying with me in my gaff and they were discussing bebo like it was the best thing since sliced bread.  Now i have never used bebo beofre ever i only heard about bebo through the newspapers and how bad it was and how it was rating teachers and slagging them off.  One other story was were there was a form of online bullying on the site and how the users would type up threats to its victims.  I politely asked the older fella what he was talking about and how its great.


I set up a bebo account for the simple reason of keeping an eye on the kids and nothing else.  I can actually you can become a bebo addict you always forever checking yoyr account seeing if your friends are online did you get any emails and did you get any loves.

The bebo thing in my house got pretty messy and at one point violent The youngest threw the eldest on the ground with a body slam move in which i got really scared i had to get rid of bebo well it was either that or be done for child abuse not funny at all ( i would have had the mother giving me a body slam herself so not nice).

I have to say bebo was for me a messy affair and a scary one at that.  I was only told recently that D once spend 8 hours on my PC doing bebo and to say the least i got a little scared with that and knowing the fact that he was on bebo for that amount of time.


So i deicded to cut the cord on bebo i took the broadband box out of my room and gave it to my other half.  When the other two farts when to go on line i left a note on the desk.  I had to get rid of internet was causing too much fights and with that i have decided to bring you guys out for dinner and we can than go to the pictures.  The youngest was ok about it he was like i would like to go to eddies rockets for dinner and i want to see the simpsons movie sure enough i said lets get changed and we will go to it. 

meanwhile the elderset threw a tantrum whay cant i go on the internet he screamed.  I was a bit alarmed to say the least i said well it caused too many fights and with that he called me all the bs and cs under the sun. Right keep it up D and you wont be going out with us i dont care i want bebo i was a bit alarmed and scared.  D i said in a calm voice relax take it easy we will go some where nice and forget about bebo.  To say the least it was a tense night with the boys.  i tried to make light minded conversation but all i got was devil stares.  I was a bitch witch horrable nasty person.


I rang himself the next day and told him what happned its sounds like they are addicted to bebo and they need to get of it so im like help me please.  So he did we gratually weaned them off bebo and to say the least it was a lesson to be learned.


I dont use bebo anymore because i dont have the time to do so 1 and 2 i dont know anyone on it.  Its going to be used for getting in contacts with friends from school and thats it.  I do have a linkin to my bebo page for hollyoaks and thats it really.  I am a self confessed hollyoaks fan i love that show so much so i dont want anyone holding that against me.


i will leave with this note though bebo and myspace are great for scouting new talent in the likely shape and form of lily allen katy perry mark ronson and the klaxtons yipee i totally love emo rockers that can do the brillent rock version of graces 90s hit its not over yet.  Please go over to youtube to check it out

feel free to check out my old bebo page


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5 responses to “the bebo and myspace addicts

  1. Roy(irish taxi)

    08/20/2008 at 2:51 am

    Bebo is evil!
    Have to ask…………….. Why the name? (vagabondage) I’m intrigued

  2. English Mum

    08/20/2008 at 8:53 am

    Okay, here’s my confession: I’ve never been on Bebo (God I’m old). I do have a Facebook account though – does that count?! x

  3. K8 the Gr8

    08/20/2008 at 2:05 pm

    I have to say without hesitation that that’s the best damn bebo page I’ve ever seen… the others have snippets of information, but not enough to give you an idea of who the person is, which is just boring, really.

    This is a far more worthy place to waste your time in 🙂

    I too hate the sight of people spitting in the street. Especially girls. It’s not territorial or cool, it’s yak.

  4. K8 the Gr8

    08/20/2008 at 2:27 pm

    I tried to log in to write a comment and send the luv (ick), but I’ve forgotten my password. RIP bebo. Oh well.

  5. Desi glamour

    09/24/2008 at 5:26 pm

    they are the besst.. they rock all the time!!


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