Hmm i loving this blogging lark i am

20 Aug

Hi guys


So to say the least im so enjoying this blogging lark its great fun and a great way to make friends and swap stories.


I think now that i get to blog ona nightly basis i feel as though my mind is much clearer and people actually think im funny which is good.  My work mates dont really find me all that funny boo hoo like im going to cry not.  You see guys and girls they are the bebo generation and with that i will be doing a funny but bitchy blog about the joys and disadvanges of bebo blogging if anyone is using bebo fair paly guys and girls but as my right hand cool chick kate would tell you its a pain in the ass and can get a way bit annoying.


So thank you to everyone for the kind words of support and the great advice and the nicest of introductions to the blogging world im offering a tray of xxx coffee with a nice helpful of fudge brownies if anyone wants one put your hands and i will drop them over to you all.



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One response to “Hmm i loving this blogging lark i am

  1. Kirk M

    08/20/2008 at 7:36 pm

    Hi Vicky and welcome to the crazy world of blogging. Thank the lord you didn’t start your adventure using Blogger (shudder).

    So k8 got you started in this, ay? Hope you can forgive her in time, she really is quite a fine young lady once you get past the armor, guns, various bombs,booby traps, barbed wire, pungie sticks, things of that nature (takes after her dad that way). Or perhaps you haven’t been to her home yet?

    Anyway, I’m Kirk M, old geek, WordPress blogger (custom type) and one who’s occasionally allowed to post a comment or two on K8’s and Grandad’s blog but only if I praise them to ridiculous ends first. Glad to see you got your own corner of the Blogosphere, it’s amazingly fun, endlessly frustrating at times when trying to get your brain to dribble anything out at all and always well worth it. I do believe I’ll let folks know you’re around. Oh yeah, I hail from Vermont in the old USA. in case it matters and I too drove a taxi for four years in and abouts the hills and mountains of Vermont. You wouldn’t believe where some people live.

    Glad to have you aboard. Now write something else. 😛


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