Hmm had a strange day here

20 Aug

Hi there blogger babes and dudes hope you are well and happy today and life is treating you good.  Hmm to say the least i had a strange day here and without knowing it i got insulted very badly.  yes poor old Vick’s insulted pushed around and nearly knocked down by a group of Little brats and oh yeah i was kept awake by the yappers from next door.  So tonight i will tell you all what happened and how by a good chance of meeting i got to meet a friend i haven’t seen in years so yippee i have a happy story for to nights blog.


So here we go so one and all gather round and i shall tell the tale of my sucky day and how it had a happy ending.  I didnt get much sleep last night due to the neighbours yappy dogs.  My neighbours have 3 of the paris hiltion rat dogs you know the ankle biters that bark just for the sake of barking.  Well the little feckers kept me up all last night by barking and i was in bed tossing and turning trying to block out the noise but alas no use.  So i ended up singing good charlotte songs to myself to try and sleep but that didnt work.  So i stormed out on bed in a temper went to the bathroom opened the window when i was about to scream when i heard a horriable voice going like this shussup lucey and go to bed. that was the dogs only by the way. So with that the dog stopped for the minute when the little shite started up again.  So i screamed at the top of my voice in the bathroom its fucking late and i want to go to sleep but i cant with the f*&^$^$^ dogs barking jesus christ if it doesnt stop there will be hell to pay.  To say the least the barking stopped i breathed a sigh of relief and went to my bed and back to sleep.


A few hours later mum came into my room shes like this i think i heard a witch screaming in the bathroom last night maybe i was dreaming this but i could be wrong.  So i got up and looking like the evil girl from the grudge with the long dark hair i hissed it was me and im sorry if i woke you up but you have no idea what its like not getting any sleep.  She was like ok but why dont you get the dogs sorted out and i said oh dont bloody tempt me i laughed back.  So with that we had a laugh i went back in for a nap and woke up a few hours later much better form to say the least.


I got up had a shower and got dressed.  I wore my black skinnies today i got them in sale last week and thought ah sure why not wear them today.  So i poured myself into my jeans and wore a nice tight black top i have to say i looked very pretty today.  So than i went on my travels than for the day.  I walked up main street bray feeling pretty confident me in my skinnies and freshlyironed hair and i was singing marc boland ride a white swan.  Its such a cool song and rob says when he listens to it it reminds him of me.  I think he means the reference black cat and tattoo on her arm.  Hmm so cool.  When all of a sudden this idiot girl comes up to me and says hello.  Oh hi i said OMGi have so many things to do today and i have to meet my friend cat for lunch than i have to collect my book from the library and than i have a chess date with my friend liam.  So while she was taking all this info into her tiny brain.  i was messing with my mobile texting rob when she said the following sentence to me.

OMG YOUR SO SKINNY HAVE YOU GOT AN EATING DISORDER. I dropped everything and said in a shocked but pissed off manner excuse me why would you say such a thing?  So she kept it up about my so called eating disorder your so skinny do you eat are you sure your eating and so on.  So when she kept going on about her little speech my heart just stopped there and than it was like time stood still.  I slowly snapped out of it and gave her a dagger look as in saying take it back or else.  So she kept it up going on and on when the mobile beeped. OMG im so late i said look i better go see you later and take care.  Make sure a truck doesnt meet your ugly head you idiot i muttered under my breath.

So i walked on up really pissed off and angry.  I stormed up the road hissing to myself how dare she insult me and she doesnt know me to judge me.  I nearly knocked down my friend liam while i was trying to calm down.  he was like are you ok dear no sadly not i said listen i will drop in later or tomorrow for our game of chess and you can fix my lamp.  So he was very nice about that.


But it dawned on me certain people not even complete strangers should never judge anyone on their appearance on their weight height religion or if they lead alternative lifestyle choices.  It really bugs me when people say things about my weight ok im a small girl but guess what i have a big appetite and im a girl who loves her food.  I know some people and have meet some people who are less fortunate about their body image and i think myself if people like that idiot saying a comment like that to me who can shake it off i would have no idea if she said the following comment to someone who did have such an illness.


The issue of weight is a thorny subject if anything and sometimes its a subject that i try and avoid at all times.  My advice i give to people who think that they might have a problem with their weight is to eat healthy get plenty of exercise and drink plenty of water.  I mean its just use your common sense and you will be fine.  I don’t and never have tired these celebrity diets coz i know they never work.  I did try the atkins diet once oh it was great eating lots of meat but no my health started to suffer.  My skin got bad my hair was greasy and i was a total bitch to be with and as for sex all ideas of romance went out the door.  This all took part in a week god help me if it lasted longer.

So i got that poison and negativity out of my system when i decided to treat myself yo a KFC i was hungry and it was my day to spludge so i walked in when i really nice bearded dude started to talk to me.  Ahh hiya you certainly look very well i was like thank you very much i started blushing as i waited in the queue.  I was trying to place him in my head and it was my friend carla it was her brother mark OMG such a small world.  So i grabbed my food and asked him if i could sit next to him.  He said certainly.  We spend ages chatting about everything and anything.  I told him that i was a blogger and proud of it and he was so encouraging so he gave me a positive feedback on my skills and he will be checking my pieces out from here on in.  So it was really nice to see and he looks good she told me he was in australia and he loved it.  i was like OMG i love australia i want to go there and he said you should go.  It was a great chance meeting and a great way to catch up with him.  If i could compare him to a he would like like the dude with the beard from the band INX. 

So yeah it was an ok day and he managed to save a pretty awful day and it was great seeing an old friend.  So guys and girls i am going to leave you with my favourite INX song never tear us apart.  Its such a beautiful song and it reminds me of michael in a way he was such a great talent from australia that was taken away from us to early i hope hes in a happier place so i will leave with this and enjoy.


Just remember one thing to all my fellow bloggers


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One response to “Hmm had a strange day here

  1. K8

    08/21/2008 at 3:02 pm

    That would be jealousy talkin me thinks.

    Next time someone accuses you of having an eating disorder, just quote my dad.

    “Sure you can’t fatten a thoroughbred!!”

    Did your mum hear a banshee? If so, I hope it eats those ‘dogs’.


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