smashing pumpkins and Heath Ledger

18 Aug

So its getting late and i should be in my nest sleeping but i cant.  I have such a brilliant and cool CD Mellon collie and the infinite sadness by the smashing pumpkins.  This album is probably the best way to describe me in a nutshell.  Its good edgy angry lovable Quent and sometimes lost for words.


Currently listening to 1979 my favourite song by far its so cool its about young people going out having a laugh and not having care in the world. that the way that life should be lived and not having to worry about everyday things like where do i fit in this life do i need to get married and if i do will it be for love or just a social status thing.  Me personally if i ever get married it will be for love and even i reach the grand old age of 80 and i decide to do such thing i just hope my partner in crime will be there with me.


1979 has also some happy sad memories to it as well. It reminds me of my man heath ledger he was in such great films like 10 things i hate about you, broke back mountain, I’m not there and the last one he made sadly before he was taken away from us batman begins.  He plays the joker and hes really evil and sadistic.  I have seen a few interviews with heath ledger and i don’t know personally but he seemed like a really nice guy who enjoyed his privacy.  I have to say like many of his fans i took his death very badly and it still shakes me to the core just thinking about his passing on and how his little girl will never get to know her father who was such a gifted actor.  On my bebo page i put a few songs on it that remind me of him such as pink floyd smashing pumpkins he was truly a great actor and he will be truly missed by his fans and more importantly his family. 

I have to say one thing i really hate the Way that the press have made such a huge deal of what heath may have done in the past regarding his drug taking and so on and if anything we were all young once and in my case still young and we should never be ashamed of what mistakes that we have or have not done in the bad.


I will leave you with this final note guys if you have lived life without making any mistakes how are you suppose to learn lifes lessons.


Think about it.

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One response to “smashing pumpkins and Heath Ledger

  1. K8 the Gr8

    08/18/2008 at 1:28 am

    I love that album, it reminds me of lunchtime working in SuperValu as a till-girl in the summer of ’97. I used to trapse up to Killiney Golf course and lie down in the long grass with my walkman and a bag of crisps. I still listen to 1979 a lot! It was a good year for me, being that I arrived on the planet in this year:) I’m a 70’s wild-child… just about.

    I’m gaggin’ to see that Batman flick.

    I read in a magazine that Mary Kate Olsen was the first to be contacted after Heath Ledger’s death (by the chambermaid – before the police were contacted!) because she was his beau at the time.

    She refuses to answer any questions until she gets immunity.

    How sussed is that?


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